Version 2.2.1 is out!

I am happy to report that the The first of the minor releases for version 2.2 is out! You will receive the update automatically the next time you start the app (or if you hit the "Check for Updates" option in the application menu).

Here is what's new:

  • New components - Modals and Tabs.
  • Rewritten Dropdown and Split Button components.
  • Added toolbars with quick actions to Table, Carousel, Nav, Dropdown, List Group and more.
  • A bunch of bug fixes.

The highlight of this release are the new toolbars. They give you quick actions when you work with components. This makes things like adding items to a dropdown and switching slides in the carousel much easier.

Later this week we will be delivering the next of the minor releases.

Do you like the new features? Looking forward to your input!

Love the quick actions tab when adding nav items and table rows. very nice addition

However playing about with the modal i don't seem to be able to add modal-lg class to the modal container. are you able to check that please Martin

PS what's coming next?

Hey @ChrisHackwood,

The "Size" option is under the OPTIONS widget on the right when you select the modal in the Overview or HTML widgets.

The spec shows that the class gets added to the <div class="modal-dialog"> as <div class="modal-dialog modal-lg">


Ahhhh, I see I didn't clock the size option in the rh widget. Thanks saj

New toolbars are great, but they overlap window content making part of it unaccessible.

My problem or how to reproduce: I have "maximized" html/css view to make it fullscreen (changed height to maximum). Then applied some additional attributes to the Nav item. Then I wanted to quickly change something on wysiwyg window but can not as I unable to change size of the window. To do so, first I need to select something via overview panel, something not using those toolbars. Then resize,...