Version 2.2.2 is out!

In the latest release of Bootstrap Studio, we have included an important enhancement which improves the way large .bsdesign files are handled, so you can now work with designs which contain a large number of images without issues.

We also have an interesting new feature - a Command Line Interface (cli) for Bootstrap Studio. With it, you can write scripts and automate the program. Right now it is fairly limited, and you can only generate components, but we will improve it over time with your feedback. To use the CLI, you need to install the bstudio utility from NPM. Read more here.

For release 2.2.3 we will work on adding new components like Maps and Video, and implementing search/replace in the CSS editor and in the HTML panel.

Thanks for the update!

Could we get an additional feature to this where it can be used to update CSS style-sheets from scripts, or update JS files from external editors saving(aka file watch).

2 weeks, 1 day ago, version 2.7.1 was out ... but now it's back to 2.2.2? or is that 2.7.2?

Look at date this thread was originally posted and that will answer your question

Thanks for the update