Version 2.2.3 is out!

We just released version 2.2.3 of Bootstrap Studio. With this new version, you get several often requested new components: Map, Accordion, Collapse, Bold, Italic, Fieldset and Legend.

The Map component is powered by Google Maps. Unfortunately, Google requires every map to have a free API key, so once you place the map component you have to fill in your key in the Options (there is a button there to quickly generate an API key from Google's development dashboard, if you don't have one).

A known issue that we will solve in the next releases is that the map can't be selected by clicking in the page - you need to choose it from the Overview panel for now. We also fixed a bunch of bugs and made small improvements to the application.

In the next release - 2.2.4 - we will focus on the Video component, fixing the issue with the map being unselectable, finishing the Search/Replace functionality and a few other small features. Once that is out, we will starting work on the online gallery with community submitted components.

If you notice any bugs be sure to report them!

Great stuff looking back forward to playing with the new toys.

Great ! thanks BSS Devs


I like that you are actively working on this and keeping us up to date. No one can deny this software lacks a lot of features, but seeing the future helps us commit for it.