Version 2.2.4 is out!

We are happy to report that version 2.2.4 of Bootstrap Studio is released! Here are the new features:

  • You can now add Meta Tags to pages from the Page Properties dialog.
  • Added searching to the HTML panel. You can quickly find elements by CSS selector, text content or attribute.
  • Added filtering to the CSS editor for quickly locating CSS blocks and rules.
  • Added Video component, with support for YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5.
  • A number of fixes for bugs that you guys have reported.

This release is the last 2.2.X update. The next version is going to be 2.3.0, which will contain a number of awesome features that will make Bootstrap Studio even better. Read what's planned here.

Looking forward for your input on the new features!

@martin very cool!

Really liking the HTML/CSS panel searching.

Thanks BSS Devs.


Thanks BSS devs ??

Great job guys! But at this point, all I'm wanting is a backend for forms / newsletters and submit buttons and a video slider.

FANTASTIC! I'll test out the Meta feature today and report back.

@ShaeZonna - your best bet sounds to do submit a form from BSD to a submit.php. I've had to problem building a form, check out for an example of what I've built in BSD. That being said, I'm a bit of a programmer so, I can do pretty much anything. BSD does allow you to do crazy stuff, but with programming. Your out of the box solution is there. You'll need to clarify what's not working for you.