Version 2.4.0 is here!

Happy to report that we just released version 2.4.0 of Bootstrap Studio! Not everything that was planned made it in this release, but we will be shipping more 2.4.* updates in the next few weeks as features are ready.

Here is what's new:

  • Added 40 beautiful built-in components to the library. We will add even more in the future.
  • You can now edit the "style" attribute of elements from the Style tab.
  • You can now Label components. Labels appear in the Overview panel.
  • Improved performance of the app when Preview is running.
  • Improved component tooltips. More text is shown and links are clickable.
  • Bugfixes and other minor improvements.

Looking forward to your feedback on these new features. If you notice any bugs, be sure to report them and we will fix them with the upcoming 2.4.* releases.

Thanks! Will share feedback on the label feature.

BOOM! I went to add a row just now, I love the prebuilt rows.

Can we get a

1 Row, 1,2,3,4 col?

Makes life faster :)

Thanks! Love all the UI components, very nice!

I am wondering, did you change the way things are moved around again though? I cannot seem to work out how to move components into folders. The only thing that shows up when I right click now is the ability to insert to body. I have tried dragging and dropping and that doesn't work either. I'm sure I'm missing an obvious thing here, but ... could you enlighten me please? Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

@Andrew, good suggestion. If we rename the "2 Columns", "3 Columns" and "4 Columns" to "1 Row N Columns" they will be shown in logical order. But is "1 Row 1 Column" necessary?

@Jo, the built-in components can't be moved. They are a part of the library and are fixed in place.

Yes I undestand that, but I am unable to move any components that I've downloaded from the online components. For example, today I installed the Analog_Clock and the ebs footer, but I cannot put them into any folders even though they are in the "Downloaded" section of the components. My personal ones are fine, I can move those and such, just the downloaded ones I cannot. I am on Mac version if that helps at all. P.S. I was able to move these before today's update, I have organized all my other ones in folders that I downloaded already.

Also for the added Row & Column setups, I +1 that and say keep it simple like:

1Row 2Col 1Row 4Col etc. Most of us should know what that means by now :)

You are right, Jo, this is indeed a bug. The downloaded components can't be moved right now. We did a lot of testing, but this one has slipped through. We will fix it in 2.4.1. Hopefully we can release it tomorrow, depending on the progress of the other features.

Not a problem, glad it was caught and I await the update! :)

I'm liking the changes so far, liking the additional components except that you've now surpassed my downloads ;) BSS 2593/Saj 2535 took you awhile though :)


As I'm user of mobirise but I do not like not having freedom (even if i bought code editor) as here at bootstrap studio, I very like built-in components. I like FREEDOM you provide with Bootstrap studio really! More and more, step by step, I'm moving away from other editors. Good job guys, maybe you can check mobirise blocks as they call built-in components and add some like they have. Maybe.

Thank you again for built-in components, for me is this really showmaker! :)

And one more thing ofc, I'm using mobirise under wine (linux), and you have your editor made for linux, so from this point of view I like it more! Great Job!!! Thanks!

@All, we just released version 2.4.1 with the fix for the Downloaded group menus and renamed Rows and Columns. We also made improvements to the CSS editor - now when you select CSS and copy it, you get valid code. This can then be pasted in external editors, Chrome Dev Tools or even in the blank selector of a new CSS block in Bootstrap Studio.

@tristar, happy you enjoy Bootstrap Studio ! We have a lot more components planned.


One thing on the Download group, it takes a long time to move something, hesitates for quite a few seconds before it lets you move on to the next one. Works great though other than that. Just tested the CSS copy/paste and that works perfect now as well! I'll let you know if the glitch I had with the highlighting not working happens again, but so far so good. Love all the new components! Thanks Much!