Version 2.4.5 is here!

I am happy to report that version 2.4.5 was just released! It brings support for @keyframes animations and lots of improvements to the CSS editors. CSS styles don't disappear or jump around when they are created, and scroll posiitions are properly persisted when you switch between tabs. There are also small touches like opening the target CSS file when you click the stylesheet name shown on the bottom-right of CSS blocks.

This all leads to a more pleasurable CSS editing experience, and opens the possibility to author CSS animations inside the app. We will build upon this feature in the next releases and make animations even better. In addition, we also added the ability to copy the paths of files in the Design panel and fixed a number of bugs that were reported.

Looking forward to your feedback on the new release!

1.) Awesome @martin, thanks for adding @keyframe support, this will be a welcome addition, nice work.

We will build upon this feature in the next releases and make animations even better.

I'm really looking forward to see how you expand upon this further, wonderful.

2.) Do you foresee adding in-app Javascript support also, much like @keyframe support it would allow for some great things.

I spoke about it in the following thread: --

3.) Also I was just curious, how are things progressing with the...

• More beautiful built-in components, and hopefully new templates.

Thanks again to the BBS developers for all your efforts, keep up the great work.

Awesome sounding updates! Checking them out now, thanks much Martin!

@bss_user Thanks for the input! Right now keyframe animations are run in the app continuously, but this can make designing websites with animations very difficult, and it also breaks the way the app determines the sizes of elements. We will fix this in the next release by disabling animations and adding a "Play" button next to animation properties in the CSS editor. Animations will only be run when the button is clicked.

It won't be possible to run JavaScript, unfortunately. If we enable it, it is enough to have a single while(true){} in your code and the program would freeze. If you know of an app that permits JS in their design view do share. I am curious how they could have solved the issue.

@martin thanks so much for responding.

1.) Will the play button be global for the page or specific to the related items? I would advocate for global.

2.) That's disheartening. Have you contacted the creators of Electron and consulted with them or the community it seems worthwhile as this would be a great feature as described above. I am not familiar currently with any Electron app, I have never really looked. But as a Pinegrow user also, which by contrast uses NWJS for its framework, and it allows for it. I would think some way exists within Electron? Given all these certainly someone has properly accomplished it or similar? I think it would be worthwhile to contact Electron or its community support directly to find a possible solution, certainly someone would know. ;-)

Aside from Components though when would this be an issue? Perhaps this is relative to the other thread about pre-screening / pre-approval components, and another reason to setup screening. Otherwise no common widely used framework would be an issue as it would be detrimental to their own framework. If a user does not know JS then perhaps just put a disclaimer in app that: ill-conceived JS could crash the app. IMHO It just seems like a powerful enough attribute for a dev app such as BSS, to come up with a way.

Again thanks for responding and the discussion @martin.