Version 2.5.2 is out!

Hey folks! I am happy to share that version 2.5.2 of Bootstrap Studio is released and you can upgrade to it right now.

Here is what's new:

  • We added a "Copy To Multiple" dialog, which makes it easy to copy a component to a number of pages at once.
  • You can now add custom HTML to the head of pages. It is done from the Settings and Page Properties dialogs.
  • Improved focus behavior when a component is deleted. Focus goes to a sibling instead of the parent.
  • The active page is now highlighted in the Design Panel.
  • Additional bugfixes and minor enhancements.

The ability to add custom code to the head of the pages was frequently suggested in the forums. But instead of simply allowing Custom Code to be dropped we made it better. We added a new tab to the Settings dialog, and to the Page Properties dialog, called "Head Content". Everything you write here will be included before the closing </head> tag of your pages when you Preview and Export.

The "Head Content" in the Settings dialog is global and is applied to all pages in your design. This is the place to include things like Google Analytics, meta tags or other things that you need on every page.

The "Head Content" in the Page Properties dialog is applied only to the current page. You can also choose how it will be positioned in the markup relative to the global head content, defined in Settings. You can also choose to override the global code with the local code entirely.

Looking forward to your feedback on this new release!

loving the 'copy to multiple' enhancement Martin and Team, many thanks for a speed turnaround

I also LOVE the 'copy to multiple' feature- especially the 'link copies' checkbox is crucial!! Keep up the good work! I am definitely looking forward to the parallax scrolling feature.

I am just the brand new here (1-21-2017) just bought the product, and I still no beleving it real there is tool like bootstrap studio. Gotta learn how to use it asap. Congrats to the team.

Cool lets take look for what its worth this new release. Thanks

I'm new here. What is the difference between Bootstrap Studio 4.1.2 and Bootstrap Studio 2.5.2 !?

ok ... I get it now ... this topic was pushed up because someone commented