Version 2.5.3 is out!

Hey friends! I am happy to report that version 2.5.3 was released. Here is what’s new:

  • You can now create parallax background animations. This is done from the Animation group in the Options panel by choosing the "parallax-bg" type.
  • A new block was added - Parallax Background. It is a pre-built component with a parallax background image animation.
  • Searching in the CSS was improved. Now results are highlighted and scrolled into view, instead of filtered.
  • If an image you are importing already exists in your library, you can choose to replace it or to keep both. You also have the option to "Remember" your choice for the session. This makes prototyping faster as you can quickly replace image assets.
  • Various bugfixes.

If you run into any issues or bugs with the new features, be sure to report them!

The next release is going to be 2.6. We will update the roadmap soon with what features to expect.

Congratulations on another update / release, looking forward to hear what 2.6 will introduce, keep up the good work and advancements.

well done love this tool, made my designs better :)

Nice one devs, I look forward to using the new component and really like the image management enhancement ?

Just bought the software minutes ago, already extremely impressed. Keep up the great work!

There was a bug reported today, so we will do another quick 2.5 release before 2.6. Version 2.5.4 will be out after a few days with the mentioned bugfix, and we will add a few minor features (like showing full names in the Page chooser and Page Properties dialogs) to round up the release.

Sweet, thanks Martin

Hello guys, probably you have been hearing this a lot, but just wanted to ask if BSS can create dynamic pages? Can we embed PHP into the web project?

You can embed php as a custom component but not as drag and drop

Is there a tutorial explaining how to put text over the parallax background?

Sorry for my impatience, but when can we expect the next roadmap?

The roadmap was updated. See what's coming in the 2.6 release here.

Thank you for quick answer

Sweet, its getting better and better. Thanks you for this. :D looking forward on 2.6 :3

Hello Martin, Yesterday I bought the bootstrap studio, but how I can integrate bootstrap 4 version? help me please with that...


Hi Erickson, if you search you will see topic has come up many times. Bootstrap 4 will be supported in the app when BS4 is officially released

Ok, thanks! I a new user here, I did not know that. sorry....

If memory helps bs4 support will be added sometimes during the beta. So it won't be released now (BS4 still in alpha), but we probably won't have to wait too long.

BS4 alpha phase will end soon, hope to see bs4 support when it's beta.

So where are you guys on a new update?