Version 2.6.0 is out!

Hey folks!

I am happy to report that version 2.6.0 of Bootstrap Studio is released! In this update, you will find:

  • Powerful new visual CSS editing UI. You can customize layout, background and font properties without writing code.
  • Reorganized Options panel into tabs - Look and Feel, Options and Animation.
  • Improved design of the application interface and dialogs.
  • Various performance improvements and bugfixes.

The visual CSS interface took a lot of time to build, but we think it was worth the wait! Looking forward to your input on it. We will be improving it in the next releases.

For the next few weeks we have planned a number of 2.6.x updates that will add the other features we had intended to include in 2.6 like the new Font dialog and commenting on Online components.

We couldn't keep up with the forums while developing the new update, but over the next few days I will be reviewing all posts that we've missed.

small bug in the new options pane with some attributes not selectable. and there's no way to scroll. Here it's the "html" just partially visible, but sometimes more is missing

enter image description here

Thanks for the input! This is by design but we should make the breadcrumbs scrollable as it is what people expect.

This CSS-Tool creates INLINE Style...

... what's that for?????

who wants to use INLINE Styles...??? I don't. This breaks all my CSS-Code...

@plusq, you can choose the css file to target.

Targenting a css file

Awesome - will take a look at this when I get home.

Would be great if we could get custom font support in the next release along with supporting additional media files like PDF, videos etc.

ahhh... ok... my mouth was faster than my test... I didn't see that thing :)

but then ... I think it would be better that the stylesheet should be used first by standard. Because many would do the inline style accidently and later the wonder why the css isn't working properly.

I would have to agree with Frank as I didn't notice it myself either that I could choose a file or class etc.

It's a little clunky at first till you see how it all works, but I think it will be pretty awesome once we get used to it after doing it in the code for so long lol. Hopefully some good instructions will be setup in the Tutorials for this. :)

I would also like to point out that, as I mentioned in another thread today or yesterday, that we need a way to designate our main custom CSS file. If we could do that, then this would solve the issue with having to select it in the new CSS options every single time we edit something there. It's actually more hassle to do that then it is to just edit it in the CSS file right now, because you "have" to remember to choose the file and class you want to edit every time. If we could choose our designated custom CSS file, then you could use that setup for this new CSS options pane and let us set it to a default there as well. Just a thought, but it sure would make this new awesome system be more usable to those of us that do code. :)

It is not very often I feel romantically inclined towards a software update but sometimes I should say I more than like it... I, for one, am impressed. Practical and well executed.

Thank you for the feedback, folks!

@Jo, we have something similar to a "main CSS file". When you click the down arrow next to the Create button in the Styles tab, you can choose which CSS file your block is to be inserted in. From that moment on this file will hold all blocks that are created.

But this won't help with the visual CSS interface in the sidebar, as it works with CSS blocks, and not files. Your main CSS file may not contain blocks that match the component, or there may be multiple blocks that do. This makes it hard to default to a css block other than Style, as it may not exist. The result is that after you select an element, you need to choose or create a CSS block that will hold the styles you set in the sidebar. If you have suggestions on how to make this more intuitive we would love to hear them!

I'll give this some thought and see if something comes to mind. I haven't played with it enough yet to know how to use it well so it may be that it's just fine and I just need to get used to it (and stop editing the CSS manually like I still am doing haha).

Thanks for the update! I'm very happy to have found Bootstrap Studio!

I don't know if this is a bug, an unsupported feature, or i'm just asking too much from BSS. Today i was experimenting with viewports and responsive typography, I also released a public component "Site cover with meme..." but i noticed that in the new CSS editing pane in the new style preview vw and vh are converted to pixel, and that's excellent, but stay as px also in the below width/height/margin/padding fields.

enter image description here

while i appreciate that in the upper 'visual' layout vw are converted to px, i don't think it's correct to have px also in editable fields below. I suggest using the same measure as css (vw and vh in this case, but one value is calc() ) or at least disable those editable fields so that it's obvious that you have to understand and modify the CSS. Or you will break things.

Thanks for the suggestion, @marrco!

Currently, in the sidebar we show the calculated values for the element without taking the written styles into consideration. We will enhance this to first look through all of the CSS that affects the element (taking into account media queries), and only if no matches are found show the computed value. This is more technically complex and will take some time to build, but it will help people get a better feel of their design by glancing at the sidebar.

Any plans on fixing the problem of typing with accented letters?

No updates in a very long time...

Umm since I've never seen you before Ricksworks, I'm going to assume you haven't been around here very long. This is an old post and isn't even the latest version. There have been many updates since this post was created. The last update was about a month ago, give or take a week. Wasn't "very long time" ago at all.

Yeah... sorry. I posted in the wrong topic.