Version 2.6.1 is out!

Hey folks!

I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 2.6.2 was just released! It brings a new Google Font dialog, which gives you an easy way to search for, preview and import font families. You can filter by type and language support as well. We hope you find it useful!

The next release is going to be 2.6.3 and it will focus on improving the Online Components functionality, performance improvements and fixes for bugs that have been reported.

I appreciate the new fonts panel. A small improvement could be to add a link to or to so that everybody knows where to look if a preview of the font with a specific text is needed. I also suggest that 'All Sets' should instead default to Latin (like fontcdn does), as it's the most common value for it.

Very useful feature. Thanks for this update.

It's very nice to see the software getting regular updates and new features.

Thanks a lot! :D

Love the font browser and thanks much for the file size addition for new images added, that will help a lot too!

Thank you!!!

Thanks. Can you add the ability replacement the preview phrase in Google Fonts? "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" not show national charset.

Since new updates has come, i suggest that the old version should be giving out for free and when this happens people would always like to use the new versions Thank you.

@Nii Djan wow, cheap much? That's go to be the tackiest request I've ever seen on a forum yet. Takes a lot of gall to suggest a company give away their products. I hope they never do that! The app is so cheap right now compared to the others out their that cost over $200, how bout you go tell those people to give their old versions away and see what they say. I guarantee you they won't be doing that ever. If you can't afford a lousy $25 for one of the best apps for web designing with Bootstrap, then you really need to get a job!

And to your comment at the end, no, that's entirely not true. When you give things away, people are not more prone to purchase it, they are more prone to wait for the next give away update. Quit being so cheap!

Words fail me.... at least be discreet and send a message direct to the developers when on the scrounge. Poor show

hi, please my bootstrap studio is blank - it has been since i installed it. i need it urgently for my work and i haven't gotten any replies from the developers! can someone please help. pleaseeeeee

Abenaa_o this is not the forum to post on for help. If you need help you need to contact Support. This is a user forum not a forum full of support people. We can help with "how" things work here, but for why it doesn't you will need to contact support.

Since I usually get an answer from support within 24 hours, if you have not waited at least 48 hours for a reply then you'll need to wait a while. If you have waited that long, contact them again to make sure they didn't miss your message.

Posting on a version release thread isn't going to help you at all though. It has nothing to do with your issues.


why is this chris hackwood guy ever here!....I mean do you work for the developers by promoting bootstrap studio or sth??...If that's it then you're failing terribly coz you're always rude and quick at giving good for nothing responses to members.Please change your approach and atleast work on building the brotherhood spirit that's always among us IT guys!We need help not sarcasm.

LMAO, are you serious? You are obviously joking, because unless you're a scammer yourself, you couldn't possibly think that the post he replied to didn't deserve sarcasm!! It most definitely did and he got it from more than just Chris lol.

If you're not a scammer and you don't get it then let me enlighten you as an IT guy that you are, you know full well the expense of much of the design software out there, so if $25 bux is too much for you, then you are not an IT person (well that person wasn't) and are just looking for freebies and that's just ridiculous since this app is one of the least expensive, by $100 or more than most apps out there that even come close to this one!

So yeah, rude works when it comes to people looking for freebies when it's very obvious that it's not a free app. and is already extremely inexpensive.

Ha ha not really sure why the personal attack was needed Marcellus but this is a public forum and I gave my opinion to a post that I thought was bad taste given that I have paid my subscription and think is shameful to openly ask for this app for free given amount of time developers have put into this app.