Version 2.6.4 is out!

Hey guys!

I am happy to report that we just released version 2.6.4 of Bootstrap Studio. The new release features improvements to the online components. You can now up/down vote components, write comments and browse through user profiles by clicking the fellow users' names.

From now on, when you see a low quality component you can downvote it and leave a comment to let other users to stay clear. Also, don't forget to upvote components that you like and find useful.

We will be improving these features over time with your feedback.

The next release is going to be 2.6.5, which will be focused on bugfixes and minor features that were suggested in the forums.

Great! Been wanting this feature to help out with online components that sound awesome, but turns out to only be duplicates of others.Keep it up!

Thank you Martin.


Great, keep up the great work :D

Excellent update! Keep them coming. :)

Looking forward to more team collaboration features. I know our team would love to have them.

Can you list the main changes that you made in the new version ?

Is there any future plan to CONSOLIDATE the CSS file for a page ? By this I mean have ALL the stylings created for a given item within a single { . . . } block. This avoids wasting time looking for user-created overrides. As far as I know, browsers do not do this after caching. So for rendering web pages on small devices with slow CPUs, it would save time.

Great developers that are here, Kindly help me out on how efficient i can make use of this powerful studio. I am a web developer who uses CMS to achieve web purpose. But i covet knowing how to do my thing my own way. Where do i start from. I already have Bootstrap Studio version 1.0.6. I am desperate for help!!!!

If you have any version of Bootstrap that is legitimate, then it updates itself when updates come. If you don't have the newest version then you either don't have a legitimate license, or you don't have it connected to the internet which is necessary for it to update. Open the program and allow it to update if you have a license. If you don't have a license that you purchased from this site, then that means you got it from an illegal way or place and you'll need to purchase the software to get assistance here.

Other than that, this app builds websites based on Bootstrap Framework. If you are strictly a CMS user and not an actual web designer/developer that works with code, you will need to learn how to use Code in order to use this program. If you have that knowledge then you should be able to work out most things with the help of those on the forums here as well as searching the forums to get more information about things. There is a lot of good information on the forums for how to get started.

Your first concern should be with updating or purchasing your license though as you have an extremely old version and there is no update downloads done for this software, it's all done within the app itself.

Will there ever be a full list of components by category?

I second that motion. Is there a place online where we can find those components indexed? I need an easier way to find what I want. Sometimes I will scroll through the online components as sort of a muse but it is so hard to find something I haven't seen already.

+1 to a Components Directory or something similar that we can see all available. Dated with dates last uploaded/updated would be a good thing too so we know if it's out of date or not.

I will be nice to have a component gallery