Version 2.7.1 is out!

Hey guys! I am happy to report that version 2.7.1 of Bootstrap Studio has been released, and you can upgrade to it right now.

It includes multi selection support in the Overview Panel and Stage. Hold Ctrl/Cmd or Shift when clicking, to select one or more components. You can move, duplicate, delete and copy the entire selection at once.

We also added two new icon fonts (Typicons and Simple Line Icons) and made some other minor improvements and bugfixes.

We will be happy to hear your feedback on the new features. Be sure to report any problems that you run into.

Work on Bootstrap 4 support has already started. We will be posting more updates as we progress.

Hi Martin,

I just downloaded the 2.7.1 via Help/Check for updates in BSS. The update downloaded and I received the message to restart BSS and the new upgrade would complete. I stopped BSS and when I restarted BSS it crashed, producing windows dump files. I am running win 7 Pro. Do you want the dump files sent to you? How do I back out the change made by the upgrade or do I need to install version 2.7.0 again?


OK - again I stand corrected. I closed out the windows dump and ran again. The Upgrade completed. I have no explanation as to why it crashed the first time. All is good.


I just want to say, which I should have already a week ago lol, that this update Rocks! Just being able to move files and elements between these last 2 updates, has added a ton of ease to our work. The real time saver (well would have been if the jumping had not come back in the Styles window, see my post in Bugs for that one) is the highlighting of the areas of the Preview window. Love it! So much easier to tell if a class is actually being used or not!

Now I'm truly hoping that the windows will be detachable soon so we can move the Preview window out from under the Code area so we can see most of it at a glance so that that highlighting in the Preview window will be even more useful.

Kudos guys! Great update!

Happy to hear your feedback on the release, Jo! We are hard at work on the next version and will look into detachable windows after it ships.


Would like to know if you provide integration with CKEditor? (as a plugin)


The app doesn't "integrate" at all with other apps, it's a stand alone which has it's own editor built in. If you want to use CKEditor you will need to edit the files after exporting them from BSS. Just understand that if you edit files outside of the BSS app, those changes will not be in your project unless you import your pages back into your project, in which case you will lose your drag and drop capabilities.

If you feel you need to edit things outside of the BSS app with CKEditor, be sure you have your project as far as you can get it within the app "before" you export so that you can edit only in CKEditor from that point forward.

Personally, I don't find an external editor is necessary for main editing. I use one mostly for putting external components together or putting together custom components and such that I add into BSS. Other than that, BSS is a full blown editor that is capable of continuing on all your site editing in the future as well as the creation of the site itself. The only exception here may be if you are using PHP, and even then you can do it, you just can't view it in the preview browser.

how do I insert php code into my site? and why do not you do it to be able to import any code that needs or can be written in a boostra code that I need, like for example I want to write php to click on a new document and select the type that I need ... in advance thanks

Zllatar - do a search for “php” and you will find out why

Thanks Chris Hackwood.

I have paid for your product and have not gotten a license. I have now emailed three times and have not gotten a response, yet you have charged me. Is anybody home?