Version 4.1.0 is out!

Hey folks! I am happy to report that we released Bootstrap Studio 4.1.0 today. Here is what's new:

  • Bootstrap 4 final. It replaces the Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 version that we had until this moment. When you open a BS4 design, it will be automatically converted so you don't need to do anything.
  • Auto suggestion for class names. Bootstrap 4 introduces a lot of helper classes and it's difficult to remember them all. This new feature helps you with this. It also suggest your own classes that you've used in the design.
  • Rewritten text editing. It is faster and much improved. Also, it supports new lines with Shift + Enter!
  • Performance improvements and bugfixes.

This was a major rewrite, so be sure to report any bugs that you notice.

We didn't have time to finish Templates and SASS support. These will be released in the upcoming 4.1.X releases in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to your feedback!

@ Bootstrap Studio Developers, thanks and congrats ! ;-)

We didn’t have time to finish Templates and SASS support. These will be released in the upcoming 4.1.X releases in the next few weeks.


Great! Seems to have fixed some annoying "flex css" display bugs in the preview! :)

We didn’t have time to finish Templates and SASS support. These will be released in the upcoming 4.1.X releases in the next few weeks.


@psithu Yes, this was one of the reasons to prioritize the rewrite of text editing for this release and delay other features - Bootstrap 4 uses flex almost everywhere.

The needed conversion of viewport units to pixels in BSS is rather peculiar however.

Hello! Excited to see the update.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Bootstrap Studio 4.1.0 update did something funny to accordions... my current BS 4 projects, as well as any new BS 4 projects I make with Bootstrap Studio, do not have properly functioning accordions. When clicking on the Item Header, the accordion will not collapse/expand. It doesn't matter if it is a brand new file or one of my current projects, the expand/collapse functions do not work.

All Bootstrap 3.3.7 files corrupted

I updated to 4.1.0 and then all projects I had in previous versions when I look at any page ALL content is GONE. <body></body> is all I see!

Not sure how to revert back to previous 4.0.x version.

When you try to preview the browser shows: Sorry, we can't find this resource.

@Bolora, it seems to be related to any page that has a form in it. Super annoying. PLEASE FIX!!! I'm at a standstill.

We have very serious problems, bs update automatically and now i can't publish or export my project, the only way to publish is if i change to bootstrap 4, but this is not working for us now. PLEASE we need help!!!, we are a team to due a project, im in the frontend section of project and this stop the flow of work. How can i downgrade without automatic update???

The bug does appear to be related to the existence of a form in your design. If you remove i.e. delete the form the rest of your design comes into view in the Live View stage and the HTML panes body element then displays the HTML of your design. If you add a form to your design and then an "input group" that's when the design goes blank.

After a little more testing, it seems the issue lies with the Input Group component. However, it's not all Input Group usage, As the Input Group from the component "Pretty Search Form", doesn't have this effect but the "Bootstrap Form Basic" does break the design.


I've tried testing my problems with accordions across Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and for some reason accordions in a Bootstrap 4 project do not function properly in any of the three browsers. They were functioning perfectly at the end of my workday yesterday and seem to have stopped when I updated to BSS 4.1.0 this morning... Accordions in Bootstrap 3 projects work just fine though...

Is anyone else having trouble with their accordions when in a Bootstrap 4 project after updating?

Thank you for narrowing down the form issue! We tracked down what was causing this and released 4.1.1 with a bugfix. You can force Bootstrap Studio to update by clicking the Help > Check for Updates menu.

We will be looking into the accordion problems for the next release.

Thank you!! Looks good so far!

My entire prototype has forms... UGH. I believe you are right.

THANK YOU!!!!!! That was fast! That was scary, I've spent the day contemplating having to start over!

Thanks, the problem has been resolved with 4.1.1 version. Great Support!

Regarding Accordion component for BSS4. It appears you can not use the Option pane's, Button option's URL field to change the URL. You have to update the URL by way of "adding" a href attribute in the Attribute pane to override it.

The current use of href="#accordion-1 .item-1" does not work. If you change it (by way of the above description) to just .item-1, then the first Accordion panel works.

I would recommend those with a problem to explicitly set the href value (by way of the above description) to something like href="#item-1-1" and then set it's corresponding element with class="item-1" to have an ID value of item-1-1 for the first accordion panel and then for the second accordion [href="#item-2-1"] [id="item-2-1"] etc.. This will make your accordions work again and should work even after the next BSS update.

It reads as this so that you know what it means.

  • href="#item-1-1"
  • means href="[id][id's name]-[of count]-[of accordion-[count]]"
  • therefore, href="[#item]-[1]-[of accordion-[1]]"
  • resulting in href="#item-1-1"

Doing this explicit naming will work with nested accordions as well

For a second accordion

  • href="#item-1-2"
  • means href="[id][id name]-[of count]-[of accordion-[count]]"
  • therefore, href="[#item]-[1]-[of accordion-[2]]"
  • resulting in href="#item-1-2"

Used whether or not the second accordion is nested will ensure a working accordion solution.


Someone get @saj a BSS employee badge ! ;-)

Haha thanks @bss_user, I'm just trying to help that's all. :)