Version 4.1.5 is out!

Hey guys!

We just released Bootstrap Studio 4.1.5. The major new addition in this version are our new Bootstrap 4 templates. Each template consists of multiple pages and comes with a number of widgets which you can combine to build unique layouts.

When you create a design from a template, a few interesting things happen:

  • Navbars and footers of all pages are linked automatically for you.
  • You get a Widget Drawer (small blue button at the bottom right). When clicked, it expands to show you all template widgets that you can then drag/drop in your design.

This is only our first release, so there is plenty of room for improvement. We would love to hear your suggestions. More templates will be coming in the future.

The next release of the app is going to be 4.2.0. We will update our roadmap with the features we're planning soon.

Love the update :) But is it possible for us the creators to make our own templates and make our own widget drawer to extend the capabilities of this application?


Thanks Martin, can't wait to check it out!

Whoop woop - looking forward to seeing the templates ?

WOW ! that's really the most important update in a long time. Thanks Martin. I see you can also customize the 2 templates present, adding and removing pages. Terrific update, i'm sure this will bring many new customers (hope paying and not pirates) to this app

Great update, would be cool if we can upload templates to the online section for others to use.

ok so just had a play with the new templates following the update and i am very impressed with the new widget functionality and would LOVE this to be a feature that can hopefully be rolled out to all page designs (not just the BSS template versions)

i would also love to see the initial template picker opened up to allow user generated templates to be selected too.

but great work devs :D

Thanks for the feedback, guys! These are some great ideas. We will be improving the new design dialog and widget drawer in the upcoming releases.

Bringing the widget drawer to all designs would be challenging - it works best with a small number of components; for a large number I think that a tree with folders (like we have in the components panel) is preferable as it enables better organization. Yet maybe a search box in the widget drawer can help? We have a lot of work to do :)

Would be very interested in this feature particularly if we can use it to create our own internal custom templates for sites based on a particular design. This would also have come in very handy while re-doing a four-site suite of similar-looking sites all owned by one parent company that we recently did a mobile redesign for (and did not use BSS for that project).

I would also love to see the ability to host one's own in-house templates for use in one's own business, particularly when people in said company all work from home, like having our own 'template server' of sorts (such as by dedicating a specific subdomain on our own site, to host templates on to be shared by employees)

Thanks for adding the Carousel fade transitions in Version 4.1.7. Very much appreciated!