Version 4.2.0 is out!

Hey guys!

I am happy to report that Bootstrap Studio 4.2.0 was just released! For this version we've updated the UI, so that you can collapse your panels and easily resize the canvas with your mouse. This makes development more comfortable, and speeds up switching between screen sizes.

If you notice any bugs be sure to report them. We will be updating the new UI according to your feedback.

We will release a number of 4.2.X releases in the next few weeks.

Looks awesome! Good work.

Much Better !!!

Now if we could squeeze down the "Styles" tab in a similar manner, that would be splendid.

Yes, this is a wonderful upgrade. And the "Styles" tab squeezed down for me ?

HTML/Styles area already collapses Tony, just click the bar that has HTML or Styles on it and it will drop down, it is also draggable down to a point too. Been like that since I started using it a couple years ago already. :)

Great work guys! Love the collapsing that will help a lot!

Please consider making the right sidebar expand further as well so that we can see more of the URL address box. Some of the URL's we need to use can be really long and it would be nice to be able to pull that out further to be a wider window as well. Doesn't have to expand the full width, but double the width it goes now would be nice.

Unless I'm just missing it, which is highly probable lol, can we get a button toggle for open/close for the sidebars as a whole to go with the buttons for each Pane? Would be easier than having to drag it open and closed each time I want the entire sidebar viewable or closed. Thanks! Loving this feature for sure!

Thanks Gabriela. Looks good and feels more polished.

This is great and love the collapsable section on the right. May I suggest that the page drop down section and responsive view icons maybe better centred as when you click to expand they get hidden.

Nice update though :)

Thanks for the feedback guys! We will improve the panels in the next releases.

Another update fan here ?

Thanks for this upgrade ! this is a great one !

I'll really love this tool :-)

Hi, @Jo (and BootstrapStudio development team). I knew, of course, about moving the boundary up & down between the "stage" and the HTML/Styles sections in the center of the screen. What I'm suggesting is an improvement to the horizontal sectioning HTML/Styles portion of the screen.

Rather than clutter up this discussion of the new (and very welcome!) improvements to the UI in V4.2.0, I'm going to start a new thread in the "Ideas" section where it belongs. ... Tony Benedetti

Really cool update! maybe its time to allow copy and paste from external sources. i.e copy CSS from codepen > paste in selected element CSS in BSS.

@Hints404 you've been able to do that for a year at least. Copy your CSS code from whatever CSS file or site you want to and in the Styles window put your cursor between a couple CSS classes or at the top or bottom of the CSS classes in BSS. You'll see a little blue line show up. Click that blue line and it will add either a blank line or a class that will be highlighted. Leave the class that it entered highlighted and hit paste and it will overwrite the highlighted and it will paste your copied CSS there. You can paste single or multiple CSS entries, just single attribute lines, etc. If you want a single attribute line from one CSS class just copy the entire line, click in the CSS class to add a blank line and hit paste.