Version 4.2.1 is out!

Hey guys!

I'm happy to say we just released version 4.2.1! Here's what's new:

  • New and improved Settings Dialog. It is split into Design and Application settings.
  • You can now scale the UI of the program from the View menu.
  • New Icon Fonts were added - Font Awesome 5 and Line Awesome.
  • Improved Preview that makes it easier to launch your browser, set a preview port and toggle the preview status.

We look forward to getting your feedback! Be sure to report any bugs that you find.

The next release will be 4.3.0. We will update our roadmap with the features we're planning shortly.

O .. M .. G .. is all I can say! Very very nice update guys, I love every single addition! Thanks sooooo much for the scaling! That really frees up a lot more room on the screen to be able to set it to 75% for me. These old eyes can still see small print so I may as well take advantage of it while I can! hahaha. Thanks also for the new icons! Both of them are great additions, so much more in the FontAwesome 5 too, very nice!