Version 4.3.0 is out!

Hey folks! We just released Bootstrap Studio 4.3.0. Here is what's new:

  • Bootstrap Studio Sites. We've turned our old website publishing feature into a powerful hosting platform with HTTPS, custom domains, passkeys, custom 404 pages and more. No "Powered by Bootstrap Studio" badges and it's all for free!
  • Added new Export options for skipping unused images, adding cache busting parameters and using absolute asset paths.
  • Improved UI scaling with more granular controls (you can Scale Up/Scale Down 5% at a time).
  • Bugfixes.

We will be releasing 4.3.X updates in the next few weeks with the features we have planned for this cycle.

Looking forward for your feedback!

Well I got super prematurely excited lol. I thought the Absolute Paths update was so we could use local files, and now I'm confused as to what the purpose of this update to absolute paths was about. Can you give more detail on what it's for please? I'm sure it's great, but I haven't a clue lol. Can you also give more info on what "cache busting parameters" means too please?

Thanks much for the improved UI also! I'm sure many will find the hosting helpful as well, isn't something I needed, but it's still a welcome addition!

Thanks for the comment, Jo! All of the new options in the Export dialog are in effect only when you export your design. Absolute paths places forward slashes "/" in front of all relative URLs which is useful in certain scenarios, and cache busting places unique hashes after each asset URL, so that people don't see cached CSS/JS/Images when viewing your website after you update it. Both of these features are a bit advanced, I agree. They are off by default, so only people that know they need them will switch them on.

Hi Martin,

These new features are great ! Thanks for them ! Bootstrap Studio is better month after month. I hope to see the next autosave features ;-)

@Larsene thanks! Autosave is coming :)

When i decide to purchase this software .... well after some days i was thought that this was not so good investment.

Honestly, i am more than happy that i have purchased this tool. Awesome!

Thanx for the new update!

Nice work with the 5% +- UI scaling, its pretty clever. Just one small thing, it would be good if the text in the html & style text editors could be scaled up or down as well. When i reduce the UI the text becomes hard to read. Thanks for keeping the product up to date, the progress is awesome.

+1 for awesome changes.

I bought this software 1 month ago - And I never looked back - Thank you for the lifetime subscription!

I love bootstrap

Started using bootstrap studio. Loved it. Keep up the good work.

just bought the bootstrap studio it is great app nice work and thanks for the new updates

Being able to collapse the side panels and create additional screen real estate is brilliant, the cache busting is very welcome, just so many great features of a very well designed app.

nice update, when is 4.4 coming and affiliate marketing