Version 4.3.3 is out!

Hey folks,

I am happy to report that Bootstrap Studio 4.3.3 is here! Here is what's new:

  • New button and slider controls were added to the Settings sidebar, making it easier to customize component properties.
  • A new CSS Filters group was added to the Look & Feel tab. This was made possible by the new slider controls.
  • A few UX improvements: components in the Overview panel can be double clicked, CSS blocks can be enabled/disabled and component names are displayed when hovering.
  • You can now specify a subject for smart forms emails. Lifetime licenses also get 10 recipients (it was 5 previously).
  • We made some performance improvements to the way designs are read and written to disk, so the app should work better with large sites. This was an important feature to have, so that we can implement auto backup in the next release.
  • We also fixed a number of bugs that were reported here.

The next release is going to be 4.3.4 and will bring the long awaited auto backup feature.

Hi Martin !

I was just playing with ^^ ;-)

  • The css filters is really a nice feature ;-)
  • UX improvement are really cool, it's quicker to access in nested blocks, if we could have the label of the components when hovering it could be nice ^^

thanks to the team for the work !

Didn't know I ever wanted filters until I got them <3

What a great surprise to get as I start my day of coding, thanks for adding in this feature.

The css filter is great but it's not easily accessible. It should be a simple check box next to the css row (on left side). thx4all

We also fixed a number of bugs that were reported here.

can you please give details? The few I checked were not.

That's incredible, i've already received a 4.3.4 instead of this 4.3.3, and still no backup, neither chart.js component ;-) But it's working, and we can now edit custom code more easely !

Hope the long awaited features will take their place in the future months. I hope we can discuss with your team on the forum more frequently, Martin !

Thanks for your work !

The 4.3.4 we released today is a bugfix release to address this problem. Autobackup will be delivered in 4.3.5 (if no other bugfix releases are required, of course).

Although I must admit there isn't near as many "long awaited features/updates/fixes" as I expected, I'm very appreciative of the ones that were added.

I love the sliders, they will help a lot.

The ability to turn off CSS with the little button is perfect! @lothar83fr, this has been set up this way from day one, so just get used to things like this being in the menu. It's a simple click and click the button so its only one more click than a check box would be and this does keep all the settings in one place so newbs will not be looking for them in multiple places. Works good this way I think.

Thank you also for the ability to double click items in the Overview tree, that's definitely one of the long awaited ones.

I'm still looking for this new Button on the Settings sidebar, haven't found that yet.

That's all I saw that was useful to me and it's definitely not as many long awaited features as I expected to see. One at a time is definitely not good enough at this point since some of these have been waiting for years. I do hope that is is going to improve in the next update. I do appreciate the updates there were, but my expectations were much higher than this. :(

Continue to love the honest and forthright way bug fixes / advances are announced -- unlike some other products! Mobi--waahh! Mobi-fall

Miss not having auto backup yet, but at least it's on the drawing boards -- unlike some other bugs!

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@Jo most of the work we did for this release is behind the scenes, optimizing the way designs are read and written to disk. This will bring increased stability and solve problems that people are having with corrupted designs. It is also a necessary step for shipping autobackup. You can think of it as some necessary housekeeping.