Version 4.4.3 is out!

Hey guys! We're happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 4.4.3 is out and you can upgrade to it right away.

Here is what's new:

  • A new powerful Find and Replace dialog was added. With it you can search across your entire designs and intelligently replace only relevant text, class names and attributes.
  • The HTML search functionality was improved with support for same-case search and regular expressions.
  • Bootstrap and Font Awesome were updated to their latest releases.
  • Lots of bugfixes.

We're looking forward to your feedback :)

It is always nice to be sitting in Bootstrap Studio and getting the "an update is available" popup - Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for the update guys, love the whole idea of the Find/Replace setup. Haven't tried it yet, but will do so in a little while and see how it works. Thanks also for the attention to some of the threads on the forums that I just answered in today too!

Nice! Keep it up! I really love BSS :D

My use of BSS may represent an edge case ... maybe even just a corner case. But I'm disappointed that the new Find/Replace doesn't appear to include the names or values of HTML attributes (e.g., ID, Value, Type, Style, Checked, Data-xxx, Data-yyy ... etc.).

Hello, sorry for maybe a dumb question, but this update says bootstrap's latest version used. But mine still shows 4.2....isn't the current version 4.3?

@mb -- You're right ... I just checked ... says "Currently v4.3.1" ...

@TonyBenedetti--Thanks for confirming. Wondering what they meant by the "latest" version if it's not really the latest version. Hopefully someone from the company will chime in.

@mb ... I'm guessing that Bootstrap 4.2 was probably current when the BSS devs started preparing BSS 4.4.3. And I imagine it takes a fair amount of work to ensure that the components baked into BSS match (and take advantage of) a new Bootstrap.

I'm guessing it was just an oversite in changing the numbers and the update is fine otherwise.

@Tony But the prior version before 4.4.3 already had 4.2 in it. So if that was the case, not sure why they would have announced a latest version.

@Jo....don't know. But in the drop down for selecting versions, they seemed to list the last couple such as 4.2 and 3.4. So I would have assumed the drop down after the update would have had 4.3, 4.2, and 3.4. But don't know.

Thinking at this point, only the company can clear it up.....maybe by "latest" they meant something else versus going to version 4.3.1.

Thanks for the feedback!

@mbaluch0001 Bootstrap 4.3.1 is the version that the app ships with. We've just failed to update the new design dialog and Bootstrap 4.2 is shown in the dropdown. We'll fix this in the next update.

@tonybenedetti Thank you for the suggestion! We will add support for searching and replacing all user-created attributes in the next update.

@Martin that would be extremely nice if it updated our current projects with the correct information. That's one thing that is totally lacking in updating a site from version 3 to 4 in that there is a ton of work involved to transpose all of the user created attributes and it doesn't do any of it that I could see. May have changed since last I tried it? Was over a year ago that I tried it with a site that I wanted to go to version 4 with and it was such a mess and so much work I chickened out! lol. Hopefully that's what you are meaning by seeing that it updates user created attributes?

@jo ... I dont want to put words in @martin 's mouth but I think he is referring to my "suggestion" that they add HTML attributes to the new Find/Replace functionality. The way it sits now at 4.4.3, BSS will only locate values in limited set of things:

  • TEXT ... e.g., the "Thing-a-ma-bob" in <span>Thing-a-ma-bob</span>
  • HREF... e.g., the "Link" in <a href="#">Link</a> -- from a BSS Link component
  • SRC ... e.g., the "" in <img src="" /> -- from a BSS Image component
  • CLASS ... e.g., the "m-0" in <div class="col-auto m-0">

What I was (overly dramatically) "disappointed" about was that I couldn't search for things like:

  • the "giz" in "gizmo" in a tag like <div id="gizmo ... ... from the ID field on the Attributes panel
  • either the "data-bind" or "doodad" in <div data-bind="doodad" ... -- created by using the PLUS icon on the Attributes panel
  • either the "type" or "radio" <input type="radio" ...
  • the "checked" atrribute on <input checked type="radio" ... --or-- <input checked type="checkbox" ...
  • etc., etc., etc

Just a quick update that we released Bootstrap Studio 4.4.4 today with a few bugfixes, including the one with the incorrect version in the New Design dialog.

Could you add Meta Tags to be searched in the Find and Replace?

Hello, Could we have more template when creating project?

Thank you.

how do i update it.

Updating usually happens automatically, but if it doesn't, then just like pretty much all other software you can go into the Help section and use the "Check for Updates" from there.