Version 4.4.5 is out!

Hey guys!

I am happy to share that we just released Bootstrap Studio 4.4.5! Here is what's new:

  • The Navbar and Nav were unlocked, giving you the power to create entirely custom navigation bars. We also unlocked Carousel Slides, Modals and Dropdowns. We will be unlocking more components in the future.
  • The attributes panel was rewritten. It is now easier to navigate, add and edit attributes.
  • Most of the component options are now stored as user editable attributes, making it quicker to customize your design. This enables the Find and Replace dialog to search in all user and most system attributes.
  • The usual dose of bug fixes and minor improvements.

If you notice any issues or have suggestions, be sure to let us know!

Thanks Martin, great addition. btw, do you plan to add multiple monitor support in the next releases?

enter image description here

This Nav bar update has removed all the links from mine..

Done this mean I have to re-enter all the hyper links?

Not a very productive update is thats the case as theres I've got around 50 to re-enter..


All links in dropdown menu was lost and fancybox plugin stops working. It works fine in preview, but not online

Thank you for reporting this. Looks like the URLs of dropdown Items aren't copied over to the new attribute format. We will update it asap. Once we push the update early tomorrow your links will show up, no information is lost.

Sorry for breaking this, it was a big rewrite and some things have slipped through our testing.

Many thanks for fixing this..

Is it fixed yet? I haven't opened the app yet for the update yesterday and would rather wait till the fix is applied. Can't wait to see the new changes! Sounds great and thank you SOOOOOOOO much for giving us more freedom with unlocking the menu and I look forward to more unlocked items. Most appreciated!

I guess so:

enter image description here

Thanks Marrco!

Removed comment, forgot I was in BS 3 on this project :/

OMG NEW UPDATE, POG! Thank You guys! <3

Export Option Not Working After 4.4.7 Update

I had this problem too so in desperation I found if you switch off "skip unused images" in export settings it will function ok, hope this gets you out of trouble until it gets fixed

Thank You :)

We just released version 4.4.8 with a fix. The "Skip unused images" option should work correctly.

Thanks, this is great work