Version 4.5.0 is here!

Hey guys!

I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 4.5.0 was just released! Here is what's new:

  • A new chart component was added. With it, you can create responsive Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter and other types of charts, and easily customize them. It's powered by the popular Chart.js library internally.
  • You can now optimize images during import. This can reduce their file size dramatically and improve page load times.
  • The image browser dialog opens faster, shows larger previews, file sizes and dimensions.

We're looking forward to your feedback :)

This is why a lifetime license is so worth it. Amazing work and updates BSS Team, looking forward to testing them out :)

Outstanding. I am continuously impressed by the development team's attention to customer requests, and their dedication to improving Bootstrap Studio. This is pretty much the best piece of software I've ever used.

Great news - saw the roadmap that custom fonts are coming too - I am so happy for that and can’t wait for it ? keep up the great work guys and gals

very nice

I was just about to implement Chart.js in my solution, now I don't need, I think... I started to fiddle around with a chart, but how can I change the data on the fly (using Javascript)? And how can I set other parameters, like the start and stop values of the axes?

Thanks much for the update! I haven't gotten to play with much of it, but something that wasn't listed in any of the release notes (or previous ones in case it's been in there a while lol) is something I will use constantly!

Thank you for adding the ability to double click accordion items in the Overview pane to open and close them on the Preview Window!! Found that accidentally today (hopefully it's not an accidentally added item lol) and I'm very very happy to see that! Also just discovered you can double click the item in the Preview Window to open and close them as well. No more needing to click the Show/Hide buttons at the top for this! Yaaaay!

Will check out the listed ones over the next couple days too, thanks again for the update!

Wow, this is seriously amazing, thank you all!

How do you post a new subject on the Bootstrap Studio forum? I've been trying to figure this out for a while now.

Thanks for the great feedback, guys!

@gufe We haven't made the chart modifiable with JS but it's an interesting suggestion. Currently the entire chart configuration is stored as JSON in a data-bs-chart attribute on the canvas element. You can initialize a new chart on the same element and if Chart.js have thought to handle this case, I think that it should unregister the original chart that we created. So this will give you a Chart.js instance which you can modify as you see fit.

@Jo We added this in 4.4.8 but we had a bunch of releases that week so it has gone unnoticed :). The idea is that every component should handle double click in a way that makes sense.

@embaladez: Go to the forum you want to post in, then scroll all the way to the bottom and that's where you put a new post.

I'm impressed with your work guys! Keep it up! and THANKS for the update, much love.