Version 4.5.1 is here!

Hey guys! We've just released version 4.5.1. Here's what's new:

  • A new admin template was added. It showcases our new Chart component and has many widgets which you can combine into unique admin panels.
  • A new Audio component was added.
  • You can now move files and user components into folders by dragging them. This makes organizing your assets much easier.

We hope you like this new release. If you notice any bugs, be sure to let us know.

Very slick additions, thanks much for the file moving for sure! That will definitely make moving things around much much easier!

Thanks Guys so much for keep updating this bss thing ;p

Love these developers. Most responsive folks I've ever dealt with!

I had to finally register here, just to show my support to you guys.

I first purchased a 1-year license back in november 2016, that i've renewed for a lifetime one a year later. It's one of the best decision I've made. Your software is just awesome to work with and I'm glad to see it's headed in the right direction. Cheers to your development team!

Also, this new admin template sure looks interesting. It inspires to try news things.

So thank you and yeah, looking forward to Bootstrap Studio's future!

Guys you are awesome...Please keep up your good work and bring new updates on the sidenav. Thanks again your your services ,i hope humanity will always remember you all as a revolution in front end development !

This is awesome and is gonna save me a bunch of time! Not a huge fan of that 404 error page though, the buzzing messed with my eyes. Keep it up!

"Custom error pages might be a little easier on the eyes."
I see little mention of, "a new audio component was added."
I think it will come in handy once I get going on bootstrap.

Right now I feel like Sergeant Schultz, "I know nothing!".

Hi Gabriela,

For someone who is relatively new to the coding world - I was hoping you could help point me in the right direction.

I'm trying to edit the charts found in the SB Admin template in Bootstrap studio 4. Was wondering how I set my own values in the charts provided?



In response to my previous post - I ended up importing the HTML files into DreamWeaver and editing the numbers there. Would still prefer to edit within Bootstrap Studio if possible!



All the chart values can be edited through the Chart Datasets options in the Options panel. If you click on the Earnings label, you'll see where the numbers can be edited.

(PS - this is primarily a user forum. The devs generally don't explain how to use the program.)

Apologies for that - will keep in mind next time I have questions!

Thanks for your help.


And it would be better to start a new thread rather than extending the update announcement threads :)