Version 4.5.2 is here!

Hey guys!

I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 4.5.2 was just released! Here are the major new additions:

  • Image and page references are automatically rewritten when you rename or move images and pages. This lets you reorganize your design assets and have Bootstrap Studio replace all links, image src, CSS and custom code references to point to the new URL.
  • New social components were added for integrating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your designs.
  • You can now import files by dragging them directly into folders.

And a few other minor improvements that will make your work easier:

  • A menu was added to blocks, letting you move all rules to a new CSS block.
  • The Video component can now play Facebook videos.
  • The Add to Library dialog was improved.
  • jQuery was updated to 3.4.1.
  • There is a new option in the Preview button's menu which lets you select a preferred URL to open when the button is clicked.
  • Quite a few bugfixes that were reported in the forum.

We were quiet on the forums the last few days while trying to finish the release, but we will catch up with everything we've missed.

Looking forward to your feedback :)

Save button on Bootstrap Settings menu is disabled now.

The save button only seems disabled if there are no changes. If the preview switch is activated though, the save button does not become enabled. Seems to save the setting though if one hits escape.

Minor typo: There is a new option in the Preview button’s

->: There is a new option in the Preview buttons

The Save button in the Preview Settings window seems to be disabled all the time.

'You can now import files by dragging them directly into folders'

Thank you!!

4.5.3 has been released which must have fixed some issues on this release. Just in case anyone hasn't already realized there's another update - to address export issues. :)

First let me say I am already loving this update and I've only been through a couple of the updates. 2 major updates that I want to say THANK YOU for are the drag files to folder directly addition and the very very very anticipated update to the Library functions so we no longer have to click everything off! Thanks so very much for your hard work guys!!! goes back to explore the rest :)

I like how you can shift-click in a custom class's panel and it causes the menu to appear at the top of the styles panel. Nice, little time-saver.

All I can say is "WoW!"... a lot of work went into this last release which verges on doing the impossible.

Sure, I realize that what's been done was doable; and such quick turnarounds on upgrades/updates.

I am so, so happy to be a permanent life-licensed customer! And I can "feel the love" so-to-speak, that there is a serious group of web developers here at BSS.

I own Xara's premier premium product, but it's adaptive and not responsive, but a quality product. It's also not mobile first.

BSS, however, mmmm-mmm-mm. It's like HONEY without the ridiculous prices, or the subscription rhetoric. It's both 'truly and for-real' Responsive and Mobile-first!

edit: Note! I believe that it goes without saying [but I will say it anyway] that YOUR success, is MY success.

Given all the time in the world, I'm not sure I could come up with anything better than what I have "purchased for life!"

I hope (and believe) that we will start seeing an influx from other BS development environments.

Kudos, kudos, kudos... much thanks and appreciation for your efforts and success!

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

We changed the way the Settings dialog works, so the Save button is activated only when there have been changes (most other dialogs work the same way). The Preview pane is a special case, but we'll change it so it activates the Save button in the next release.

I can just imagine the conversations all the devs have after a new release....

"man they are just all over every minor detail... we can't get nothing by these users... I can't believe how fanatical people are about a button!"

Perfect! Thank you!

That is some great artwork! Definetely gonna use it! :-)

the components are greyed out and when i put images in it doesnt appear in the editor... but does show it on the browser preview

thanks, N


Hi Martin

Off topic but Can you confirm when custom font support is coming as part of planned 4.5 releases please

Hi Guys! BSS is fantastic! I don't know I managed to churn out the sites I did before BSS. It took a little to learn how to build the BSS way but once i did I was off like a rocket!! Version 4.5.2 has fixed a lot of issues I was having and the save button is better this way because one can tell if one has saved the site at a glance.

Keep up the good work, nothing but praise from this life-time member/owner/subscriber.

Please enable drag and drop control options, when i import bootstrap html design from external content.