Version 4.5.4 is out!

Hey folks,

I am happy to announce that Bootstrap Studio 4.5.4 is now out! Here is what's new:

  • Custom fonts are here! The app supports only webfont formats, but it's straightforward to convert any font for the web with our tutorial.
  • Custom device sizes are now supported. You can enter custom device dimensions and they will be saved as a preset in the Devices menu.
  • You can now choose to export only the active page, or selected pages in the Design panel by right clicking them.
  • Pasting was improved. You can now paste components before/after others, paste text while matching formatting and paste from word documents.
  • A "Cleanup.." option was added to the Design Panel > Images group. Clicking it reveals all unused images in your design with the ability to remove them.
  • CSS files can be toggled on/off.
  • The color picker can now be dragged around the window.
  • A lazy load setting was added to images.
  • Alt+Enter splits the currently edited element into two.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

We hope that you enjoy the new features in this release! If you have feedback or bug reports, be sure to share them :)

Thank you Solve it Dropdown problems

Thanks for the custom fonts ! and all the other great additions !

Thanks for the Custom device sizes. Been waiting for that.

“Cleanup..” option is great. It found 46 images that were not being used.

Export only the active page, or selected pages in the Design panel is also great.

Have not tried everything yet, but what I have tried is huge improvement in BSS for me. Keep up the good work!

Wow I can’t wait to check out this update! So many asked for features! Thank you!

Yay! The sliding button bug has been fixed!!! Thank you!!!

Woop woop can’t wait to try the new features ?

Wow, I can't wait this update. :)

excellent update thanks.

(thou I still dream about using my multimonitor setup with BSS)

tried the custom font update and not sure if its working so raised a bug:

anyone else experiencing same issue?

for the record, custom fonts are working fine :) if you use transfonter you just need to import the css file it generates and hey presto - job done :)

Too bad there's not a like button... thanks! :)

Great thanks for Custom font import, and I used yet! Fantastic! Many thanks!