Version 5.0.0 is out!

Export destination can't be set

I have uninstalled the older version and install new 5.0.0 (windows 8) three times, but it not working... stuck on start screen please check the attached two images



@mohakchugh We will be producing only AppImage for Linux from now on. It comes with an auto updater and runs on any Linux distro. So practically you won't need to download the app again after installing it once.

@heimom Thank you for reporting this. Can you write us through our contact form with steps to reproduce the issue?

@aniljha This can happen if the old version hasn't been uninstalled correctly and the shortcut on your desktop is starting it. Do you see a second shortcut for Bootstrap Studio that starts the new edition? You can resolve the issue by deleting the C:\Program Files\Bootstrap Studio folder and removing the incorrect shortcut.

Normally our updates overwrite the old edition so this shouldn't happen. But Bootstrap Studio 5 necessitated major changes which results in the app being installed in a different location. Things will work as expected with our next updates.

On installing the AppImage on linux, no icon shows up! neither in the dock or anywhere else. OS: ubuntu 19.10

Hi Martin, thanks for the update. Will there ever be support for dual monitors?

@mohakchugh There is an installation script which will create a launcher and desktop icons for you. It's linked in the yellow note on the download page.

@jojorov Yes, there will be. We just have a few other features to do first.

Thanks for the update Martin and Team, am loving the new interface for open screen and the edit in external editor is also great.

For those that keep moaning about multi monitor support - chill out! and be patient as the BSS team have said it's coming and when it's ready we will be told.

The craziest thing just happened, and I don't know if it has to do with the release of version 5.0 or not, (especially since I am still using version 4.58,) but all of a sudden, every one of my sites that uses the Google font Roboto Condensed is no longer loading the font in the BSS program unless I enable ALL the weights of the font.

The font shows correctly in the browser preview, so it's definitely a program issue. Typically I don't use the lighter weights of this font (300) on any of my sites, but I was scratching my head trying to figure out why suddenly the site I was working on stopped showing Roboto Condensed, so I opened another site I was building earlier in the week which also used Roboto Condensed, however on THAT site Roboto Condensed loaded correctly in BSS. I compared the two and the only difference was that in my earlier site, I had enabled the lighter weights. So I reopened the site I'm currently working on, enabled the 300 weights of Roboto Condensed, and BAM, all of a sudden the font shows correctly throughout the site at all weights. If I disable the 300 weights, the entire font stops loading.

I am also posting this in Bug Reports.

thanks for your quick reply @martin, I found the folder C:\Program Files\Bootstrap and deleted everything, installed BSS 5 again.. but same issue. I am using windows 8 (64 bit) and the old version of BSS was both (32bit & 64bit) download options, is there any problem?

Thanks for all the help with the 5.0.0 release folks! We pushed an update which should resolve the issues that were reported so far.

@aniljha if you haven't already, can you contact us through our support form?

Just wanted to say thanks so very much for this update. You've packed a lot of things in there that we've asked for and it's truly appreciated!


In your opinion, is 5.0.2 ready for prime time? I can't afford to be dealing with bugs this week. I'm crunching to finish jobs for two different clients.

@Printninja I was under the impression you had already done it when you reported the issue with the fonts, but I see now that you meant that you weren't sure if the update caused it on the older version. Sorry bout that.

There's a handful of things yet, but so far I haven't seen anything that would stop production or hinder it all that much and most of the major ones were already fixed, so ... it's your call really, but I used it and it worked ok even before they fixed that handful of issues.

I come by here from time to time to check for updates, and this is a big one. Guess i gotta get back to work now..

But is only 64BIT!#!##

this was helpful but.... it only has windows 64 bit is there a 32 bit version?

Unfortunately we don't build 32bit releases of the software any more. The last 32 version is 4.5.8 which is available on the download page under the Old Releases section. You can keep using this release and it will continue to work.

Hi Martin, Thanks for your update !

I've a little suggestion : why don't you add on your site / forum a tool like "bountysource" for new features, really wanted by users ?

1- users that really want a special feature will pay a little amount of money to encourage the developpement. The most wanted features will be easely visible.

2- this can be a complement revenue source for developpers team, as BSS have a lifetime licence, after initial purchase, there is no more income from the client for future developpement and release. As we want an active support for BSS, regular income is important !

For example, i'm okay to give some amount of money for these features : dual screen support, remembering the size and position of the editor panel (even after closing BSS and réopening it - simple, but so boring to have to reclick to open it each time), ability to reactivate the onclick actions on item, fast popover design (like tooltip one, for example), adding a real bootstrap select item, not the html one (as the user component creation can't create entries in the options menu)

...makes sense

This is great. Option to edit in an external is something I have been looking forward to. Would love to have some more features added for the Audio Component.