Version 5.1.0 is out!

Hey guys!

I'm happy to say that we've just released version 5.1.0 of the app!

Command Palette

The biggest addition is our new Command Palette! Press Ctrl+P (Cmd+P) and access commands, create files, switch between pages and insert components with an emmet-like syntax.

Use the make command to create a new file in your design. You can provide a file type (e.g. make html, make css) or a full path (make some/folder/file.js).

Make command

The lorem command generates Lorem Ipsum with the specified number of words (e.g. lorem 50) and inserts it into the selected component.

Lorem command

The add command is used to create components with an emmet-like syntax. Here's a quick rundown of the supported syntax:

  • > - used to indicate that the following element is a child - row>col will insert a Row that has a Column as a child
  • .[class] - adds a class to the current element - col.col-md-3 will insert a Column with a "col-md-3" class
  • #[id] - adds an id to the current element - section#gallery will insert a Section with an id "gallery"
  • *[number] - indicates that the current element (or group) should be repeated [number] amount of times - col*3 will insert three Columns
  • () - braces are used to group components together - row>(col>div)*3

Add command

Other changes in this release

  • Include CSS and JS files only on specific pages. Just right click the css/js file and choose Visibility.
  • The HTML5 Picture element was added as a component.
  • Component Copy and Paste options were organized in a convenient menu.
  • The color picker now understands hex alpha colors.
  • Table cells can be forced to th with a new sidebar option.
  • And as always, lots of bugfixes.

We will love to hear your feedback on the new features! As usual, if you notice any bugs, be sure to report them.

Thanks! Were there other additions/changes? Just asking because you said "the biggest" for the above, but didn't mention anything else. :)

Guess the post didn't load fully the first time, I loaded up the app and saw some of the changes there.

I know a LOT of people that will be happy with the visibility setting for CSS and JS files, that was asked for so many times. Thank You!

How to download it?

It will not update. Looks for updates... Starts to Download Then stops after a few seconds without an error message

Sorry, false alarm.. eventually did the update after about 2 minutes. all good

Hello Gabriela,

Thank you, really liking this update, it's great. Didn't take long to switch over Ctrl + P to Ctrl + U for upload. The Command Pallet is massively helpful. Hey got an idea for image resizing, right click on the image in the Design pane and select optimize and in the popup you can change the size. I ran into resizing images after doing some speed test and was penalize for scaled images, it would've been great to take care of that business directly in BSS. Also wanted to mention the websites I made in BSS get high scores in the speed test and so do all the templates.

Thank you again for all your hard work making Bootstrap Studio great. Warren

I do like the new Command Pallet. Thanks!

can you please tell when multiple monitor support will be available?

Multiple monitor support is currently the most important improvement for me.

Wow Thank for the amazing work ! The command tool is really going to make a difference for me.

I didn't expec these changes, but I really appreciate them, the command pallete seems really interesting to me.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

@calibinder Resizing/optimizing already imported images is an interesting suggestion. We do optimize them when they are imported, but not on demand later. We will look into it.

Multi window is coming, we will work on this for one of the 5.X updates.

As I have previously observed in the bugs section, pre-loading of images is still broken. They are only loaded when one is searched for.

@digital is this about this report? We can implement an optimization so that it doesn't freeze up the application, but the images will still take some time to show up the first time.

Hi Martin, yes, that's the one.

I'm pretty sure that images loaded faster in BSS iterations following that post, but they don't now.

It would be ideal if images were indexed when BSS was opened rather than waiting until one needs to be selected. This would be especially so when my current project includes 200+ images!

Thanks for all your hard work!

the command palette is really wonderful ! Many thanks for this update !

Please, is there an option to keep the editor panel open by default (or remember last size/position) ? This would be wonderful (as i'm using it all the time)

Thanks for your work !

Great, but no update here. Downloaded version 5.1.0, restart app, and again get 5.0.3 version... I didn't find offline installer on your site. Any tip for update?

Update: third try was sucessfully. I've got 5.1.0 finally.

You update it within the app, go to the app menu at the top and choose Help, then choose to Check for Update. When it's ready it will tell you that you need to restart the app to apply the update.

like it . wait for feedback