Version 5.2.0 is out!

Hey guys,

I am happy to share that we just released Bootstrap Studio 5.2.0! Here is what's new:

  • New visual controls for borders, background gradients and box shadows were added to the Appearance tab.
  • Spell checking support was introduced, with multiple supported languages and dictionaries. This comes alongside a switch to native context menus instead of ones drawn by the app.
  • The Image dialog was improved. It now supports folders and loads faster.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements suggested on the forum, including updated Google Fonts, fixed issues with macOS dialogs and better handling of spaces in Picture sources.

Looking forward to your feedback :)

Thanks for the spell checker Martin. I have already found a miss-spelled word on one of my pages.

Thanks! Checking it out now! :)

Thanks for the good work, downloading now!

Thanks, but now I have problem with image SVG, are no longer displayed. Carmine

@carmine can you send us the SVGs that can't be loaded to our email (you can see the address here)?

So i will join the "SVG stopped working" crowd. Everything was working fine yesterday, then the alert about the update and to restart. And i did.

A day later when im done and ready to publish i notice that the main logo in Navbar Brand is not showing any more. just as i tried the publish site feature.

So i spent an hour trying to figure out what happened because of the publish. But then it stops working everywhere. I tried to import the standard SVG image file from wikipedia, and that didn't show up either. But for a short while my logo did show even in this version.

So this i superstrange.

And the preview is now just showing a yellow square.

yellow square

Love Love Love the nice Tutorials section that was added in the Projects area! Thanks for that! That should hopefully alleviate "some" of the repeating questions in the forums. :)

Hello My svg components are also not working anymore. It only show yellow square where the svg should be shown. why?

it stoped working overnight it only show yellow square enter image description here

Same SVG problem for me! Please help my website has lot of svg icons!

yeah i have deadline on monday and my site looks like disaster

Is there a way to downgrade and keep using the old version until this i resolved?

it is possible to downgrade studio by deleting it and dowload and install older version, but because i openede and edit some things with new version the older version of studio didn't want to open my project

Hey guys, we're really sorry for the issue that has come up with the SVGs! We just released v5.2.1, which fixes it.

Unfortunately, you will have to reimport the SVG files that were not showing up. If you have backups set up, you can go to File > Backups and find a version of your design with the images intact. Open it alongside the current version of your design, select the SVG's in the Design Panel, right-click and choose Copy to > [name of your current design]. I hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience once again!

EDIT: I forgot to thank the BSS team for the fast fix. THANKS! Fantastic work!

So BSS broke the SVG files when making sure they did not contain any malicious code?

I only have one SVG in the project so far, so no problem.

Thanks to BSS Staff for rapid support!

Thanks to all the staff for the excellent work. Great support!!

So great additions ! Many thanks for your work ! And in the roadmap.... Detachable Editor panel, which will allow you to make better use of multiple monitors.

Will you add the support for Bootstrap 5 This new release (in alpha for now) add very useful additions ?

I'm now sooooo impatient !!!!

Wonderful software !

Will you add the support for Bootstrap 5 This new release (in alpha for now) add very useful additions ?