Version 5.4.0 is out!

Hey guys! I'm happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 5.4.0 is now out and you can update to it right away.


  • You can now select multiple components (Shift/Cmd/Ctrl + Click) and modify their common options, attributes and class names simultaneously. This makes it much easier to make edits that affect multiple elements. See the quick video below, where we center a heading and two paragraphs, and apply the mb-4 class with just a few clicks:


  • The list of CSS suggestions also shows partial matches.
  • You can now change the font size of the JS/SCSS/Custom Code editor. Just click the 3 dot menu on the right.

Editor font sizes

  • A new Show in File option was added to the menu of CSS blocks in the Style tab. Clicking it will switch over and scroll to the location of the block in your css file.
  • Minor bugfixes.

The other planned features in the roadmap will be delivered in 5.4.* releases in the next few weeks. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Awesome, can't wait to check out the new features, thanks!

I have a question on this since I'm one of the people that requested it, you mentioned in the Roadmap forum for the coming updates: Hiding pages. Hidden pages won’t be exported nor added to the sitemap.

I guess I want to be sure that these pages will still be editable, copiable, etc. while hidden? I guess "hidden" isn't actually what I was asking for, more of an "ignore and pretend it's not here" type of setting, so I'm hoping this "hidden" setting won't be like the hidden setting of the components. Just thought I'd ask before it got to far into production.

Just found a bug in this new release. Sent it to the bugs report on home page, and posted it in the forum.

@Jo Yes, the pages will be hidden only when exporting. In normal use they are editable like all other pages.

@printninja Thank you for reporting this! We'll fix it in the next release.

Just reported another bug in the Styles panel. Sent it to the bugs report on home page. This one involves trying to highlight rules with the mouse.

The update will not be installed!?

@Andreas: Contact Support directly.

@Martin: Can we please get the nice warning message above replies that shows up on new posts:?

   Before posting, please search trough our old posts. We've discussed a lot of topics already.
   The forum is not a place for support requests. If you have problems with your license, purchase or install, please contact us.

Also is it possible to get that text shown in Bold Red so that it can't be missed?

Has done itself, the system was busy

Thanks for the update!

Updating the roadmap? Very interested in knowing your future plans with Bootstrap Studio!


Just a note that we released 5.4.1 today which fixes the problems that were reported so far.

@Jo Maybe we should show a note about this during forum registration, with a checkbox for proceeding.

Yeah that's a good idea too @Martin, but a nagger like there is when you first post in a forum would be a good reminder too. If it's there when you first make a post, I would think it would be fairly easy to add it to replies as well?

I guess I'm thinking that at some point someone will read it at least once when making a new/reply post versus a single checkbox that happens only once? If someone clicks it mindlessly (which many do) knowing that they are signing up regardless, then that message is lost after that. Just a thought on it.