Version 5.4.2 is here!

Hey folks!

I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 5.4.2 is now out! It comes with the rest of the planned features for the 5.4 series:

  • SVG Icons are now supported, and a few popular SVG Icon sets were added like Bootstrap Icons and Tabler. We made it so the SVG icons respond to the CSS color and font-size properties, so that you can seamlessly switch between icon font icons and svg ones.
  • A new Custom Export dialog was added, which lets you search, select and filter only the files that you wish to export.
  • You can now mark pages and folders in the Design panel as "hidden". This will prevent them from exporting/publishing.
  • A few minor bugfixes, including the one with the attributes form in the detached panel.

In the next few days we will update our roadmap with the stuff that's planned for the 5.5 release. If you notice any bugs, we'll love to hear about them!

SVG Icons are now supported


Three issues. First it didn't update automatically, second Windows Defender warns not to Install as it isn't safe then so does my Anti Virus software The third also happened when I upgraded from 4.5 to 5.41 on first running it asks for the Code, but after closing and opening again it's fine (I hadn't entered the code).


Just a heads up for anyone else this might happen to. I'm on Mac and had to restart the app 2 times for the changes to show up. Thanks much for adding these features! I can now stop having to delete folders constantly after exporting! Yaaaay! And Wow on the new export customization, that should take care of all those people that have been whin.. I mean asking to control what files go in their exported directories (i.e. not wanting a handful of the default files). Great additions. thanks big time!

Reporting a serious bug in the Windows version in the Bug Report section, It's this that flagged Microsoft Defender and also Avast AntiVirus.


A new Custom Export dialog was added, which lets you search, select and filter only the files that you wish to export.

Would it be possible to also filter by date (newest changes first)?

We renewed our code signing certificate last week, so it may be a few days before Windows and Antivirus vendors learn to recognize it. You may scan the exe you've downloaded in just in case.

I’m sure you’ve been asked about this before.
But for me it is the most important feature.
you have already added custom export, but when I unset default files, e.g. bootstrap.min.css, jquery.min.css while exporting. There are still links to the files in the head tag.
Also, it would be very important to have an option to manage default files during developing and to be able to disable any of them.
I know it can broke default behavior of integrated modules.
But I’m totaty sure it is very useful feature.
Thx for your job!