Version 5.6.0 is out!

Hey folks! Bootstrap Studio 5.6.0 is here and it brings quite a few new features and improvements.


  • Comments are here! You can now add a comment to every component of your design. This is a great way to write docs and notes, and leave feedback. Just right click and choose “Add Comment”.
  • A new Transform group was added to the Appearance panel, which lets you apply 3D CSS transformations on components.
  • You can now create MJS and JSON files in the JavaScript group.
  • There is a new “Extra Whitespace” option in View > Stage, which adds space to the bottom of your page while designing. This can make it easier to drag and drop components.
  • A new Minify HTML export option was added.


  • Bootstrap 5 was updated to Beta 3, alongside a new Offcanvas component and fixes to Accordion and Blockquote.
  • You can now add SCSS, MJS and JSON files to user components.
  • jQuery 3.6.0 was added.
  • Google Fonts were updated to include the latest styles and families.
  • Lazy loading was added to maps.
  • When cleaning up CSS, you can now choose to disable styles.


  • A few bugs that have been reported over the past weeks.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi, for some reason with this update we can no longer export our project. I’m always getting a “Couldn’t export: Please choose a different folder” no matter what the folder. And then the “Exporting design” popup keeps spinning forever. The assets folder is being created but no html files.

Can you send us one of the design files you are having problems with? You can see our email address here: Contact us

ts great to have scss. Does it autocompile to css?

Awesome update guys, thanks much for all the fixes and new features!

Thank you for the updated version 5.6.1. The speed for opening pages in Bootstrap Studio is now fast again. Version 5.6.0 slowed down all openings quite a bit, as slow as 5 or more seconds, compared to 1 second. Thanks again for the quick fix.

Do we need to update the Maps component on older sites to take advantage of lazy loading, or will it automatically do this when any older site is opened with a Map component?

Thanks for the feedback!

@murugappan SCSS has always been compiled to CSS automatically. The new in this release is that SCSS files can be added to user components. The rest is the same.

@printninja No need to update your existing maps. However the Lazy Loading setting is not switched on for old maps, so you will need to switch it on manually. The setting is on by default on new maps.

Thank you so much. Great job.

Thanks for the info Martin!

I am having an issue with the update. I am using a column component with a thumbnail/link/image/ that worked fine in v4. The preview looks fine in v5, but I in Chrome it is only a thumbnail?

I have spent hours trying to fix this. Can you please help?

@webdevhill please see replies in your other thread that you created for this issue.