Version 5.8.2 is out!

We’re happy to share that we’ve just released Bootstrap Studio 5.8.2! Here is what’s new:


  • A new search and replace interface was added to HTML, SASS and JS editors.


  • Components can now be cut and pasted across pages and designs, making it quicker to move components.

Updates and improvements

  • Bootstrap was updated to version 5.1.0 and a new Stack component was added.
  • Bootstrap Icons were updated to their latest version.

  • The editor panel remembers its state and size across app restarts.
  • CSS cleanup now detects duplicate style blocks and suggests them for removal.
  • Editing designs with a large number of pages and linked components was optimized.
  • Component name and dimensions are now shown when the View > Stage > Show Box Model option is active.


  • You can now set the contents of the viewport meta tag in the settings. This is helpful if you need your website to behave in a specific manner on mobile devices.


  • Fixed a problem which prevented Adobe Illustrator and other apps to be used as external image editors on Windows.
  • Fixes related to the CSS editor, override detection and Styles tab.
  • Various small bugfixes.

Verry Nice, Verry Verry Nice! Thanks for all the little things in this update, they add up to a nice update for sure! I can see the highlted text in JS and Custom Code now!

Mac Mini using MacOS Big Sur:
One small thing I noticed when the editor window is on another screen. The little popup dialogs for showing where code has been overwritten is popping up on the other screen instead of the screen that the editor window is on.

The other thing that this is doing is the little dialog popup seems to stick so you almost always have to either Scroll the page in the preview pane or click the button in order to get it to disappear.

Still playing with it more so I’ll post if I see anything else, Thanks again for a great update!

Excellent, great update.

I would like to know, when will the version where they place the Ecommerce Components

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So far, the slowdown is gone with this update. Thanks for the fix. :grinning:

I will try the rest of the updates at a later time.

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Thank you for the feedback!

@jo-r I can confirm the issue. We will fix it in the next update.

@migoel585 It will take a few more weeks before they’re ready for release.

@bbfi Great to hear!

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That sounds great - but how does it work?

They are included in the CSS Cleanup dialog. Right click the Styles group in the Design Panel and choose “Cleanup…”.


We will add a way to filter the results in the CSS Cleanup dialog, so that you can see only the duplicate blocks.

And what is the condition for style blocks to be recognised as duplicates? What my screenshot shows should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Duplicates are blocks that are exactly the same. If you were to click the CSS block’s three-dot menu and choose “Duplicate”, then open the cleanup dialog, you will see the block with the lower priority listed there.


Too bad, I wasn’t looking for that - it never happens to me that I have two exactly identical blocks.

But what has happened more often is the example in my screenshot above - two blocks for one and the same element that should actually be merged. That would be cool … :sunglasses:

The cleanup is very important specially for me, when design is ready clean the kitchen for the next design

Hi! There are many very nice improvements in this version, but the problems with detached editor are so bad at the moment that I’d rather revert to the old version so I could actually go on with my work.
Is there a way to do that?

We released 5.8.3 earlier today, which fixes the CSS editing problems. You can give it a try.

This works! Thank you for this quick fix!!! :slight_smile:

Thank You for this update.
For me BootStrapStudio is one of the most impressive and efficient website builder.

The only thing I miss is a possibility to customize the file type which it creates to be “PHP” instead of html so I can use some PHP code in my custom code blocks. (I know the workarounds)

Welcome to the forum!

You can use PHP code in the costum code blocks. After exporting and changing the file extensions to “php”, this code will work.

You know how to do an automated renaming after the export, I guess.

Thank You.
Yes, of course. This is what I do now. But the problem is since the file name is not used from the beginning, the links are not correct. I actually see no reason why choosing the extension for any page should not be freely changeable - the internal server or also the bootstrap server can ignore PHP.
Of course I know the work arounds, from (automated)renaming to the use of .htaccess file.

This was exactly the problem I faced when I renamed my HTML documents to PHP using a batch file.

Then I remembered an old file called gsar.exe that I had used years before (under Windows).With the line “000-gsar -o -s.html -r.php *.php” in the batch, the problem was solved.

Surely there are some other ways …