Version 5.8.4 is out!

Ecommerce is Here!

After quite a bit of work, I am happy to share that the ecommerce components are here! You can use the new Product, Product List, Shopping Cart and Add to Cart components to create online stores. See a demo store here. Docs are here.

You can see the new components in the Components panel:


To power the ecommerce components, we developed a sister service to Bootstrap Studio which is called Reflow. It’s a free JavaScript toolkit with a CMS-like backend for managing stores, products, categories, shipping, taxes and more. The components in Bootstrap Studio use this toolkit behind the scenes.

We decided to go this route, because this makes the work we put in ecommerce available to many more users and use cases, not limited to Bootstrap Studio. This way if you prefer visual editing, you can build stores with drag and drop in Bootstrap Studio. If you instead prefer to write code, you can use Reflow directly.

In the next couple of months, we will be adding support for digital products (only physical products can be sold right now), promo/discount codes, additional components like search and related products, additional options, multi language support and more.

We know that there is a lot that can be improved and would love to hear your feedback.

Other New Features in This Release

Improved search in the CSS editor. It now supports regex, match-case and has previous and next arrows:


You can now hover on images in the CSS editor, and see a preview:


And more

  • CSS comments are now handled correctly when importing stylesheets.
  • A new File > Print menu option was added. With it you can print the active page of the design or convert it to PDF.
  • Small bugfixes and performance improvements.

Great news - looking forward to playing with the products when documentation is ready to view


Awesome! Can’t wait to check it all out and thanks for fixing the css comments on import!

This is great, congratulations on launching Reflow!
One thing I noticed missing when creating a product on Reflow perhaps it is already on your todo list is the ability for a variation to affect the price.


Great news, I will try later of the day :slight_smile:

Thanks. Please add a video tutorial for E-commerce too.
The product or product list is not shown in the preview even after registering with ‘reflow’ connecting store in settings.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is correct, we don’t support different prices for product variants. This introduces a lot of complexity and we decided to keep things simple as a start. For now the recommended way to handle this is to create different products.

Thank you for the report! We will release a fix later today.

If your store doesn’t have products, you won’t see anything even after connecting. A video tutorial is coming in a week or two.

Looks great, but as @sureweb mentioned, price change for variations would be good. Also option for discount codes.

And maybe custom fields. For example: Im about to launch a side project where I sell custom made wooden boxes, each box will have the option to have the lid engraved. So I would need something like firstline – second line input fields for each item.

But have to say from the quick look ive had at reflow it looks amazing.

Extremely NICE!

How is the actual payment gateway integrated into this?

@richards Great suggestions! We will take this into consideration for our next updates.

@squirrel Reflow integrates with Stripe Connect and PayPal, so that transfers go directly from the customer to the store owner’s account.

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Thank you, we dropped paypal many years ago and use authorize(.)net. More than likely will not use stripe either. Do you know if plans are in place for others?

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I vote for Square. Simple, solid, cheap, payment gateway.

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One other thing that could be worthwhile, letting the customer login in to their account on reflow.

For example: As the developer I might have multiple sites on my account. But I will not want to give the customer my login details for all the accounts. I will only want them to login to add products to their site.

That’s a good point, but I was actually thinking we made new accounts for each project if needed? Clarification might be needed on this. After all, I’m definitely not using “my” PayPal account for all my client’s shops (hmm or maybe … muahahahaha) lol :slight_smile:


We will have some kind of client credentials for specific stores in the future. For now it’s best to create a new Reflow account for the store and share the credentials with the client.

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This is awesome! I got a site started with this but I’m stuck on the product list, how do I make it dynamic?

In your product list Options set the link to the page that will show the product in detail (in this case product.html) then add a parameter?pro={id}

pro= can be anything. product. item. etc


Then on your product page (product.html - or whatever you chose in the product list)

Change Product Type to “Dynamic”

Then add the URL Parameter set in the list - in this case pro



Thats the solution! THank you richards! Have a great weekend!! #solution

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One last thing to complete me, how do we add a Cart tracker, so it says how many items are in your cart?