Version 6.1.0 is out!

Hey guys! We just released v6.1.0. It comes with a lot of new exciting features. You can check out the highlights here:


  • A new Bold & Dark template was added.
  • Clicking the new Resize Margin/Padding icon in the component focus bar lets you resize margins and paddings visually. Supports both CSS properties and Bootstrap m-* and p-* utilities.
  • Hovering over the “Select Parent” icon in the component focus bar shows the two nearest parents for easy selection.
  • A Product Search ecommerce component was added, powered by Reflow.
  • A new Scroll Zoom animation was added for background images. Access it from the Animation tab.
  • The “Always Open” option was added to Accordions, to enable multiple items being open at a time.


  • CSS editing in the Appearance panel was improved. Now it lets you write media queries and intelligently applies :hover, :focus and :active states to the element making it easy to edit complex styling visually.
  • Visual options for editing backdrop filters, positioning and transitions were added to the Appearance panel.
  • You can now resize Image, Icon and Column components by dragging a small handle on the bottom right.
  • Product List now supports custom ordering.


  • Minor bugfixes.

I updated and went to test, here the navbar blurred completely, attached image.

The Filters group sets the filter property that affects the whole element. To only change the background, use the new Backdrop Filters group. It is right below the Filters group.

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Thank you very much, I hadn’t seen this group.

Congratz guys, lovely💪 my fav feature is the resizing I would say

I am totally loving this update! I’m hopeful that even the newbies will love this with the new resizing setup too and will save a lot of time all around. Great new features, thanks much!

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Brutally good features. The resizing is amazing.
Thanks to the development team! :heart:

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To be honest, I’m finding it very sluggish since the update. just hit undo once and it took 2 seconds before it did anything. Also switching from one file to another is taking ages, I even closed the wrong file by mistake waiting for it to change.

I quite like the resizing columns, it should be good for initial layouts, but I’m not sure about the resizing of elements and margins/padding etc. quicker in css.

Apart from that… :wink:

HELP. This update to 6.1.0 has broken the accordions. I cannot edit text in the paragraphs in the accordion anymore. Only the text in the item header can be edited.

if you double click on a paragraph in the overview pane on a closed accordion item then it will open the accordion item and you are able to edit the paragraph.

it’s a bug and the devs will fix it quickly as always

Thanks. That works for the time being. Hopefully the devs will fix it quickly.

Sounds like a great update. Looking forward to downloading it in a week or so (after any reported bugs have been fixed lol.)

Thank you for the feedback! We will be releasing a bugfix update later today.

@richards It’s possible slowdowns after an update to occur if application files are corrupted. You can try resetting by deleting the bstudio folder.


Very greats Features !!!

My immediate gut reaction after using the new resize tools is that they’re kind of cool, but I also think they’re a bit cumbersome to activate. Having to click the little icon every time you want to use them is tedious. I think there should be a toggle setting in the view options that allows you to have them on or off all the time (example…)


Also, while the third-button reset option is good, I think a keyboard shortcut would be even better (ctrl-r perhaps?)

Are we going to be able to select our version of Reflow? Or is everyone going to be upgraded to version 2?

@printninja The issue is that margin/padding resize mode displays handles and dropdowns for selecting utilities/class names, which makes the UI look busy. We may indeed add a setting whether margin/padding mode is active by default for those who prefer it. Thank you for the suggestion!

@NBX Yes, this is coming in a week or two. You will be able to select which Reflow toolkit to use from a dropdown. Old designs will stay on v1 until users switch to v2 manually.


Will the reflow translation come in this update?

Would it be possible to at least have the resize mode remain active when switching screen sizes?

In other words, right now, if I select a component, activate the margin/padding feature, and then switch from XL to LG, the feature gets deactivated. If it stayed activated when changing screen sizes, it would be MUCH faster it terms of using it to add different utility classes at different breakpoints (something I do quite a bit.)

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Looks great! Thanks.