Version 6.4.2 is out!

Hey guys! I’m happy to say we just released v6.4.2 which brings a lot of exciting features and improvements. Here’s what’s new:

Dark mode is here!

You can build and preview websites with dark and light color modes. By default websites are in Light mode, but you can switch them to Dark or to Auto from the Settings dialog.


A new “Theme” panel was added to the bottom right, next to the Design panel. You can use it to modify the built-in Bootstrap variables for either Light or Dark mode.


To preview the themes in the app, use the new Color Mode switcher in the toolbar, next to the zoom-in/out and canvas size icons.


A new Theme Switcher component was added which lets website visitors switch between Dark, Light and Auto modes on the fly. Just drag and drop it to the Navbar or somewhere else on the page and the app will automatically generate the necessary JS.


And here’s how it works in the browser:



  • The Icon dialog was improved and now showcases different icon styles for Hero Icons and Font Awesome 5 and 6. Material Icons 4 was also added, with several styles.
  • The SEO section in the Settings dialog was improved. The Google search preview was updated, a new Website Name setting was added and the Webiste URL setting was moved from Export to SEO for consistency. The app will generate JSON structured data in your index.html page to ensure that search engines present your website the way you’ve configured it.
  • The Use CDN and Download Google Fonts export settings are now respected when publishing.
  • The Breakpoint option in Containers was renamed to Full Width to make it clearer. Navbars now also have the same option for their built-in containers.

As always, we hope you enjoy exploring the new features. Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs. Looking forward to your feedback!


When one using the New Theme Switcher the page scrolls to the top when switching the mode, maybe the script the app generate could prevent the default behavior and not scroll the page.

If you switch to dark mode and there are tables on the page they don’t get the class table-dark and you can hardly see when hover a row or if it is a striped tabel. Maybe the script could handle that and add the class table-dark if dark-mode is chosen and remove the class if light-mode is chosen


That’s wonderful. Previously I had to work with my own color settings, but this makes it way easier. I will rework my website with this new release.

Can confirm this on my end, too.

Would love to see a SMPT solution for the forms. The current solution is not viable under GDPR. Blocs is currently working on it: Sunday Skill Booster: How to setup SMTP mail in Blocs! - #49 by Norm - Built with Blocs - Blocs Forum
Ideally with a honeypot option. As a safety measure for turning off recaptcha.

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I’m not sure this is bug or not on this release. But in older version when i optimize png image to webp, i’ll get my image converted to webp directly. But in this release, the image optimazion is do nothing to my image. Very appecuiated if anyone can confirm this issue.

I have the same issue. The image stays the same size and everything

Thank you for the feedback! In the coming days we will release an update with fixes for the Optimize dialog and the Theme Switcher.

SMTP forms are not on our roadmap at this time. It is not clear to me what Bootstrap Studio would bring over one of the many available form handling php scripts that you can host on your own server.

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For me the main reason is that under GDPR I do not want to use Google Captcha and somebody elses mail server without a contract. I could be too cautios, but thats how I follow the GDPR rules. Therefore I cannot use the Smart Forms, which are a great feature otherwise!
Currently I use a script which uses the php mail function, but that sometimes get rejected as spam. I have almost no knowledge of PHP, and I cant get phpMailer to work.
So for me it would be a safe option as a php noob. :slight_smile:

Hello @Seb,

You are able to use Google recaptcha and still be compliant with GDPR.

GDPR specifies that you need to tell your users who is handling their data, and how it is stored. You must have a viable reason for any of the data that you collect. And you must notify your users and give them a way to opt out.

Google recaptcha stores cookies on your visitors computer, and has access to some of their data to verify they are not a bot, e.g. IP address.

To be compliant you must have a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy on your site.

Using an SMTP form will still require you to have a Privacy and Cookie Policy to be GDPR compliant.

Sources: I have a certification in GDPR

You can also find out more here: GDPR & reCAPTCHA: How to Remain GDPR Compliant

Seems I am having structural issues with the new update. One of my projects had some text that was color changed, nothing else seemed wrong, just that. Another has missing links to background images (almost all of them) in headers, body and footer. The links are in the code, but I’m still trying to work out why they aren’t showing up. I’ll holler if I get it worked out, but it’s kind of strange. Also this second project (only 2 I have looked at so far lol), has some positional issues as well for some bars due to an image not showing up to take up the space in the left column.

UPDATE: Never mind, I’m thinking this second one was one I imported a while back and didn’t fix it all up yet. … Carry on :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys! We just added a quick video tutorial showing the new Dark mode features in action. Here it is:


Thanks Gabby, that was very helpful!


Already included it in my reworked website. Thanks for this feature! The new theme panel works great for me.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll have look. Why would I need a cookie policy if I use a form with smpt?

Depending on the solution you create to handle forms you might still handle cookies. For example, you could have your site store a cookie on users computers if they have already filled the form in so users can’t send repeated emails.

Ah, okay. That doesn’t apply to me. Thank you a lot!

Or avoid cookies as much as possible and use local storage when you can.