Version 6.6.0 is out!

Happy new year folks! We start 2024 by bringing you a new Bootstrap Studio release. Here is an overview of what’s new.

Custom Templates

A major enhancement in this release is that you can now make your own starter templates. They are shown alongside the built-in ones in the New Design dialog. Note that these templates are local and exist only on the current device.

Stock Photo Integration

You can now access high quality free stock images right within Bootstrap Studio. They are accessible from the new Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay buttons in the image picker. Selecting an image will download and import it in your project.

Class Name Enhancements

The class name field in the Attributes panel now presents classes as clickable buttons that bring up the option that set them. This makes it easy to track down which setting is responsible for the class. You can also remove them by pressing the X next to each. This will reset the corresponding option automatically.

Publishing Changes

Bootstrap Studio now supports publishing only the changed files since your previous publish, speeding up things considerably. To access the new publish mode click the dropdown arrow next to the Publish button and select “Publish Changes”.

Icon Dialog Improvements

The Icon Dialog saw a huge speed boost in this update. It can now display vast icon libraries consisting of thousands of icons in an instant. And with the new maximize button, you can expand the dialog to fill up the entire window. This all makes it easy to pick your next icon. We also updated the sets to include the latest icons.

Other notable changes

  • If you activate the Browser Preview and close the program, it will resume again on the next start. May people found the old behaviour confusing so we decided it was time to change it.
  • The page dropdown near the breakpoint switcher now shows the parent folder name.
  • The Styles tab now has a filter for user and framework CSS blocks.
  • Bugfixes

We look forward to your feedback!


Happy new year, what a start!

Latest update looks amazing!

Wonderful! Any chance to have the possibility to create folders right in the modal? Managing images would be much better.

And, happy new year :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin.

Thank you especially for the support for publishing only the changed files since previous publishing. I noticed that upon opening Bootstrap Studio or a bsdesign file, the Publish Changes uploads all files from the bsdesign file. After that, it will upload only changed files. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

The integration of Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay is a real time saver.

Have not tried the other enhancements, but will when time is available.

Happy New Year.

Its just geting fun to use ! Thanks. :goggles:

Awesome update!

I love the idea of a custom templates, which makes keeping track of specific design wireframes easier.

I’ve already played around with the Class Name Enhancements, which honestly was a time saver to remove classes quickly and to remove classes that weren’t previously removable.

I haven’t tried the Icon Improvement (YET!), Stock Photo Integration and the new publishing changes, I’ll try these out later because I’m curious! :smiley:

Yes, this is the intended behavior. The app keeps track of your last publish, but this is reset after you restart the program, so your first “publish changes” after a restart is always a full publish.

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this:

When updating JavaScript code in Bootstrap Studio the preview will stop working moments after, which requires restarting the preview.

Edit: I’m not sure why, but this stopped occurring, but was happening right after opening the new update.
If it happens again, I’ll probably make another edit to my post or submit an email with recording.

Wow so many awesome updates! Can’t wait to get home from Vacation to check them all out!

Happy New Year Everyone!

After this update, the auto-refresh feature stop working, and the console keep getting this error continuously:

I’m using macOS, and the error occurs in Safari and Chrome.

I would give a comment but mine isn’t updating at moment from 6.5.1…

Happy new year. Love the new updates. :grinning:

Does this happen after a fresh restart of the program when you click to open the browser preview?

You can grab the update and install it manually from our download page.

Yep. I even try rebooting my computer, but the problem still remains.
I also noticed that the label “(on)” doesn’t show up, indicating the Preview is on:

It happens only in macOS (mine is a M1).
I tried in a Windows PC, and the new version is working fine.

Great ! Works on a Mac that simply did an upgrade. But now when I try and install it on a brand new device it tells me the licence key only works on an older version.

So upgrade from earlier version with the same licence key works, but not a fresh install.

Anyone else ?

You likely have more than one key, and when installing you input your old one which doesn’t have access to the latest versions. Reach out to us from our contact page if you need more help.

I’m home now and would like to update, but I am wondering if the issue that @diovanluidi is having has been addressed? I’m on a MacOS Ventura with M1 chip so is this something that needs fixing yet, or is it on his end? Any insights on it yet?

Great update. Any chance of having the option to import PDF’s and reference them within BSStudio?

I finally had to bite the bullet and update because no one answered my question :frowning:

The good news is, it’s working fine for previews for me on MacOS Ventura on my mac mini with M1 chip. I’ll report if anything is broken for me, but so far so good.