Version control and saving work

Just had a bit of a scare and it’s just occurred to me, that I need to save my work and components externally.
BSS + GitHub isn’t a thing, so how are you all handling this?
Any tips?

I save all of my bss files (actually all of my work) to my google drive. I also have a folder on there for the backups.

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I save all my websites to a local hard drive, and all my website backups to a folder on that same local drive.

Each day, that local drive is backed up to a second internal local drive, and all my websites and website backups are also saved to an external backup drive.

Once a week, my entire C: drive is ghosted to a compressed file on a dedicated internal storage drive.

Every month, all my websites are backed up to a folder on my Dropbox account, and all my important files are backed up to a separate computer that is turned off when not in use, so even if all my internal drives failed, my external drive failed, or my computer and Dropbox account were hit with ransomware, the most I’d lose is a month’s worth of work.

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If you are familiar with GitHub, just put your bss file in a root folder which also has a subfolder that holds your export. I do this all the time.

—Exported Files
–Bss file

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You can use BSS with GitHub using export scripts and GitHub desktop. This is typically how I handle my version control. To keep my repos private, I typically use Cloudflare Pages, rather than GitHub pages. Exporting to GitHub Pages | Bootstrap Studio

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