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Hello. I am new to using bootstrap studio. I am learning how to use this program. I created a clean navigation that is 100px in height. My navbar is right aligned but it is aligned to the top of the nav area. How do I verticaly center the navigation and any other text for that matter?

Hi, Select the section that contains the menu then go to navbar collapse / direction and select row reverse.

Screen capture

as i understand your question,

<code> but it is aligned to the top of the nav area. How do I verticaly center the navigation and any 
other text for that matter? </code> <br> <br>

you want to vertically center / middle the content. <br> <br>

TIPP: <br> <br>

To follow up, what's the behaviour of the cascaded components, you may activate Live Preview in the Browser and the activate the "Site Inspection" with the right Mouse-Button in the Browser-Area (or the Menu) <br> That for i prefer chrome and firefox.

Next Steps are indicated by "BS" or "CSI" (Chrome Site Inspector) and refer to Chrome: <br><br>

Selecting the Component in the OVERVIEW-Pane and the the corresponding entry in the HTML-Pane will show the pre-defined styles in the STYLES-Pane in STALES-Tab. <br> <br>

  1. CSI: Select <strong> Elements </strong> in Developer Tools and <strong> Computed </strong> in the right pane of it. <br> You will see an entry <strong> align-items: center </strong> <br> This should cause the alignment of the inside to be aligned at the cross-angle - but mostly does not work vertically.<br>
  2. <br>
  3. BS: Modify the Styles for the Navbar:
    • Select Navbar inside <strong> Block </strong> Navigation Class in <strong> OVERVIEW </strong> -Pane
    • Select the corresponding < nav class="navbar navbar-light navbar-expand-md navigation-clean >
    You will see the pre-defined styles of bootstrap (locked) and the component - Default:  <code> Navigation-Clean.css </code> 
    which you can open in an extra Tab by klicken on its name on the right side of the STYLES-Pane &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt;
    <li> Add an new entry for the Navbar Component, either in <code>Navigation-Clean.css </code>, the <code> STYLES </code> 
    Tab or - i think its the best - your own new created Styles-CSS File &lt;br&gt;
    <strong> BS:  </strong> With selected <code> &lt; nav.. &gt; </code> in HTML-Pane:
        <li> Create new CSS Block, which be named acc. Component-Tag or better ID or CLASS if provided&lt;br&gt;
        Note: It's best to give CLASSs right from the beginning for that purpose, as you may wish to give 
        other nav of that type other behaviour - if you need to change Styles or Entry on the life website 
        you should give an ID &lt;/br&gt; &lt;br&gt;
        If CLASS or ID is given, the new CSS-Block is named that like, eg. <code>.mymainnav { } </code> as for a CLASS </li> &lt;br&gt;
  4. Inside that CSS-Group add an entry: <br> <br> .mymainnav { <br> align-content: middle; <br> }
  5. <br>

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