Vertical scroll bar moves fixed nav bar to left

Hi guys. As title says, when i have page with more content that screen can show, scrollbar appears, but that also moves my navigation bar to the left side. I've been looking for solution all over the net, but couldn't find any solution to this "problem", i mean, i found couple solutions, but none worked for me. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this issue. Also i am using bootstrap 3.3.7, if that helps. I really hope that someone can help me. All best, D.

So this is a good read ( on why this happens, it's a bummer that modern browsers can't just do viewport scrollbars like mobile browsers do.

It seems the general answer is that you force the viewport scrollbar to be on all the time. You don't have to worry about mobile scrollbars because they are hidden and only visible as an overlay.


This way the viewports width always remains the same regardless of the amount of content found from one page to the next.


I laughed so hard when i realized that i've been putting that .body in every other html, when i only needed to put it on my index.html where this error occurred. Them you for replay man. Very thanks to you! All best, D.