Very difficult to remove invalid license key after deactivation


When you deactivate a computer using the device manager from another computer and you launch the deactivated bootstrap studio, it launches with an invalid license. It is very difficult to remove the invalid license, you have to go to help and click deactivate license more then 10 - 20 times.

Kind regards, Luukd_2000

I just recently picked up the Harma virus on one of my computers, so I deactivated Bootstrap Studio on it from a different pc within the past few days to open up the slot.

I have no idea of what you are talking about, as everything worked as expected. It is necessary under the circumstances, therefore, for more information.

Most importantly, can you re-create this "bug" on a regular basis. I have no idea why this feature did/does not work for you.

I can recreate this every single time. (I have a student license, so I can only use the license on 1 pc) This is what I do: Computer 1: Deactivate Computer 2 in device manager. Computer 2: Start Bootstrap studio, it launchers but with an invalid license, to reactiviate Computer 2 you have to delete the license in the "Help" menu, but it does not delete the license key.

that option is not a trick for using BSS on many different computers. BUt for the occasional one.time need of removing it from an old computer.

I suggest the developer block those tricks, User should be able to move ie. once per semester a free license and once a for the paid license (three computers with regular subscription).

Thanks for pointing out a trick to abuse licenses. Giving out free licenses to students is something nice (even if I don't like helping out freeloaders who don't pay for their licenses and develop and sell sites). But using the deactivate/transfer loophole can easily allow many persons to share the same license, just not using it at the same time. Even Windows has a cheaper licensing for students, but you can't use it on multiple computers That's what you're trying to do.

If you need a single license with rights to install on multiple computers there's the really cheap regular license that allows one single person to use it up to three computers.

I frankly rather like the licensing scheme that the devs have in place for my permanent paid license.

I'd be a little bit torqued (of sorts) to see anything change, especially because of someone trying to support their small army of zombies off of a one slot license.

Is $60 really all that much, really?

It seems like it shouldn't be a problem once you even partially master BSS.

"Long live the Bug!"

I guess $60 is a lot for some people, but I've made that back a hundred times over with the sites I've built with BSS. IMO it's the best bargain in software I've ever come across in almost 40 years of computer use. It's ridiculously underpriced for what it can do.

I only use my student license key for school, the problem is that in school we switch classrooms every day, so everytime we switch we have to re-enter the license key. (We use desktops, we do not have laptops).

I'm really under the impression that there is a disconnect and you are directly violating the licensing agreement. 1.3 The software may be installed and activated on up to three computers owned by Customer 1.8.3 can be installed on a single computer.

A software discount is not given so that you can use the software on multiple pcs that you don't own, but on your own personal pc.

If having this software is a requirement in school, the school should be paying for the licensing.

Please contact support directly.