Very slow column selection: v5.4.0 [fixed in 5.4.1]

I have a page with 88 columns (each containing a link to an image) inside a single row. If I left click on the first column (either in the Overview pane or the main pane) and then shift-left click on the last (again, either in the Overview pane or the main pane), I have to wait approaching two minutes before the columns are shown to be selected. In that time there is no response to any mouse click.

I have to ask the obvious question ... 88 columns???

It's not a bug (per se) but just the result of selecting a massive number of items. Multi-selecting has to copy everything to the program's internal clipboard so it can be recorded, in event one intends to "undo" their next change, so it takes time with a lot of components. Different computers will have different delays, depending on their speed.

I posted a warning about this the other day here...

It would probably be a good idea if the devs saw this. There really needs to be either a limit on the number of items you can multi-select, or a way to "hard-escape" the process in the event the computer gets bogged down/frozen.


I understand what you are saying but I treated this as a bug as I hadn't experienced such long delays in previous versions of BSS.


That's because previous versions of BSS did not support multi-selecting components.

This is a new feature, and as with most new features, users often do things the developers never anticipate (like multi-selecting 80+ components) so they don't realize the problem even exists until we report them. You did the right thing. I had hoped Martin would have seen my addition to the post (linked above) wherein I first requested this feature, but I guess he didn't.

Unfortunately, the developers don't seem to catch everything we post in these forums (even in the bugs section) so I'm going to report this via the bug report link on the home page.

I was able to select multiple columns on identical pages in previous versions of BSS in the same way that I have been doing in the present version.

Yes, but you could multi-select them, but you couldn't DO anything with the selection. With 5.4 you can now make changes to common settings, add/remove classes, etc.

I could do what I wanted to do with them: delete them. Please accept that I do know what I am doing.

I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just explaining to you why the system now lags as it does on multi-selection.

Thank you for reporting this! We are investigating what's causing the slow down and will release a fix as soon as possible (alongside the other reported issues so far).

@Martin Thanks for the fix: much, much faster now! And a late thank you for the previous spellcheck fix.