Video doesn't turn off if you it autoplay setting

I am in the process of adding a couple videos to a site, and since I hadn't played with these features yet I thought I'd experiment with all the settings. I never turn on autoplay for many things, but for some reason I decided to check it out. I had a preview browser (Chrome latest version for Mac) open and when I hit the auto play setting in BSS it wouldn't shut off the sound of the video. The video itself stopped playing in the preview window, but the sound just kept on playing. I had of course set the stupid video to Loop hahaha so it was like a 5 second video that was just playing over and over lol. Here's what I tried and what turned it off.

Turning it off: Had to shut down BSS completely to turn it off.

Tried & Failed: Closing browser Closing project turned setting on and off again in BSS video settings turned video on and off in BSS preview window turned video n and off in Chrome preview window Checked for duplicate browser windows that might have opened in the background, none there.

Nothing above worked except turning off BSS itself, so something in BSS is stuck with that I guess. A funny little bug, but since this video was a VFW Lounge full of people cheering on the Cubs win last year .... yeah annoying hahahaha.

Anyways, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it lol. Hope this helps and let me know if you need more information or want me to try something else on it.

Mac version

Another issue with this is that when I duplicate the page to add similar pages with a video and gallery on them, when I change the setting for the source of the video, it doesn't change it in the Preview window, it does in the Browser preview, just not the BSS preview.

To fix this I can change the page I'm working on and go back to the page again and then it updates. Just doesn't auto update as it should like it does in the Browser preview.

Thank you for reporting these issues! Can you send a bsdesign file that demonstrates the problems? It will help a lot in fixing these bugs.