Video HTML5 local Not loading or working HELP!!!!

Hey Everyone,

First I have to say how much I love this software and I am always looking forward to the updates.

I have been try to add a video in local for the past hours or so and can't get it to work. I am not sure if it is me not give the right root to follow or if it's just the Bootstrap studio not working correctly? Can some help me out. I have created a div and put inside the video tag given the div a 100% width and 100% height, I have the video in a folder on my desktop desk (pc) so it gives folder/images/video/abcd.mp4 but the video doesn't load nor play.

I know we have to import images but there is not import video part (which cold be a good idea).

Thanks guys and girls

I have not tried to do things like that locally so I can' answer you directly, but I can offer a solution for testing your video scripts to make sure they work and what to do then.

I add a lot of galleries, audio files and videos to my client's sites and here's what I do:

Upload all images/audio files/videos/etc. to the server they will reside on in the end, and to a directory tree location that will be similar to what the scripts will expect.

Use absolute links in your scripts to reference the images/audio files/videos/videos etc. check to make sure all is working, as this will now all show in your browser preview and should even show and somewhat work in BSS itself.

Once you're satisfied that it's all working as intended, unless the change would alter the structure of your design too much for you to be comfortable with, alter the links to relative links. The items will no longer show in BSS or in Preview (and may look really goofy in both if they are galleries and such like that), but if you tested them and all is working well, then once you export all is set to go, no changes need to be done outside of BSS for this then.

Just a suggestion and what works for me. If you get the desktop setup to work, I'd be interested in that as well, but my system does work well for me so it's not a need in my case. Enjoy and good luck!

Thank you Jo for you help but this doesn't help me on the local side. I need to be able to test that it works and even if I do go through all the upload to the server and put it in the root etc... This is a big hassle for just one video what if I have 20 videos to put up, I have to that for 20 videos? No I need a fix so it works on local and then just upload to the server. Thanks

Anyone else can help ???

Ah well see the thing is, if you get one working then you do the same thing for the others and you should't "have" to test it, it will work since you've already tested your theory. And it will work locally because you would use the absolute link to start with. Once you know it works, that's when you use the relative links, because at that point you'll already know it works and you can reuse the code you used for the other one and alter what's needed and that's all there is to it.

I tend to set everything up like this to start with to make sure all looks as it should, works, laid out how I want it and such, until then I leave the absolute links in.

I understand your need for wanting to test it locally, but at least there is a way to work around this until you have a better solution is all I'm offering this for. I am all for getting it to work on a local server though, I'd like that too as that would help quite a bit of what I do, but it wouldn't help some things like the forms I use which aren't setup locally, but are setup no the server so not everything is going to work locally for me anyways, so it's all good as far as I am concerned. I'll watch this thread though and see if there is a way to do this as I'm not really good with local server stuff.

Hello!! It worked for me but I had to activate "PRELOAD=Auto" to can see a preview pof the video Thank you!! Control html5

Hiya Mikersson,

The reason it worked for you is because you are referencing a video or file that is via a link, not a local item on your computer.

Having said that, that does also give an option to make this system work, by uploading your videos and referencing them via a link rather than local files. The OP though was asking about having local files referenced and that's where the issue comes in for videos, PDF files, etc.