Video not working on Iphone

Hi everyone,

i'm trying to add videos to my website, but when i try to play them through an Iphone , an arrow is formed with a bar above it


P.s I even included any video format possible

thank you

posting your website link makes helping you easier.

I don't have any apple devices, but I know sometimes older iphones with older iOS operating systems can have some quirks/limitations. IIRC, you used to have to provide video in ogg. format for older Apple OS's. When I used to use Freemake Video Converter to convert video for HTML5 (before they forced you pay to remove the watermark) it used to generate an .ogv file, a .webm and an .mp4 file. The .ogv file was, I believe, for Apple.

(Side note: Ironic having a product named FREEmake Video Converter that doesn't actual do conversions for free.)

Cheapskate ;-D Sounds like you haven't found a replacement for it But isn't it just that Apple doesn't support video on the phone - - a problem that's been discussed here several times before.

But you could be right with Apple not supporting MP4. But thetomorc no video support at all? Show us the site and tell us more about when the video is supposed to happen

iPhones play videos just like any other phone does, you need it in the right format of course, but sounds like the OP did include multiple formats of the video.

Definitely will need a link to the uploaded site to test this one to see what's wrong.

It depends on what codec was used to encode the MP4, Apple only supports MP4 encoded using MPEG-4 or H. 264

Or that used to be the case


Oh, I found a replacement. I got my hands on an older version of the software, and then blocked it in my firewall from contacting their servers to auto-update to their latest "non Freemake" version.

Actually, I've got a whole slew of video conversion utilities. I just happened to like Freemake's UI and it made good conversions.


this is not the place to go into a long discussion of this, if you can find a discussion of this, but the same people (I think) who are now "selling" it, have no right to do so, as I understand it, as it contains "proprietary technology" that's actually owned by somebody else

and it's a pain to use as it will randomly prompt for the user to install an "update" which has the same version number as it's had for well over a year but it does have some nice features