Is the responsive embed component supposed to do nothing? Or am I doing something wrong?
(I’m trying to create a video gallery for YouTube videos.)


I tried it and I got the same problem.

The problem was:

I used the “share” Link from youtube.
that does not work

Use the “embed” Link instead
<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

You should see in your Bootstrap Studio HTML View at the line obove.
To get it copy the part between the src
into the “source URL” on the right side in Bootstrap Studio

Now it worked.

Thanks, it worked !!

Do you happen to know how I can keep the video from suggesting another video at the end of it’s duration? It’s a bit misleading.

Hmm, good question…

let me say so… I have never seen a website with no end with suggestings

So I think you have to call youtube

Well that suck, because I used videos from the playlist, in hopes that, well it’ll suggest another clip from within the playlist but it didn’t.

Did you tried the other videoplatforms?
I don’t now them so far, because I don’t use’em
(Vimeo, …)

Or you use your own videoplatform :slight_smile: on your webserver.
For private use… hmm too expensive
For business you could think about

So there are flags that you can set in the URL to turn-on/off different functions for the youtube player.

Adding “?” at the end of the initial URL so you can add additional parameters.
The first added flag is autoplay and it equals 1 to enable the autoplay video feature.
To add additional params after the first one you prepend to the flag with an “&” for each additional param.
In this case we add the flag “rel” equal to 1 for relevant video choices at the end when the video is done playing.
These flags can be hard to search for. Believe me when I needed to use it myself, it took a while to find.

For a playlist you have to be on the playlist itself not one of the individual videos in the playlist.
When you click to play all on the playlist, pause on the first playlist video.
Then click on the share link under the video, click on the embed option under that.
Select and copy the URL in the src= of the embed code. You should notice that in the URL you should see"…?list=…".
If you don’t see the ?list= your not on a playlist then.
You have to do this from a non-embed version of the video/playlist on

1 (enables)
0 (disables)

edit: If the URL already contains “?blahblah” then you only need to add at the end of the URL your additional params prepended with the “&”.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Well that definitely worked !!
Saj, you’re a life saver Buddy.

…& Frank, there was that but since the videos are on YouTube already, I want to keep the traffic there by linking them to the site.