Visual controls for flexbox

I wish there were visual controls for flexbox settings, regardless of what BS version we choose. Visual controls like in Cwicly Builder for example. One can always hope! :slight_smile:

Are the ones in Options > Flexbox not enough? I do see more visual examples in your screenshot. I ask mostly as I’ve not had a need for more so far

Yes, they are enough, of course. But, I think you missed this part: regardless of what BS version, we choose.

When working with legacy projects, for example BS 3, then those options are not there. Plus, the visuals would be wonderful.

When editing a BS3 design those options are not there because Bootstrap 3 uses floats to handle the layout in place of the flexbox


Time to update that BS3 project I’m thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I think about that every second that I spent time on the project. It’s not in my control, unfortunately. If it could just remain there instead of disabling it. That would help me tremendously.

@kuligaposten Yes, I’m aware of that, thanks. Just wishing if it was there.