Visual cue for hidden items ...

Would love to see a visual cue (blue dot or something easily discernible) next to items in the Overview tree to alert us that it is currently in hidden status.

I ask this because I have a handful of clients that like to give me things quite a ways in advance so I set things up so that ll I have to do us remove the old one and unhide the next one. Unfortunately this has led to a bit of a hassle if I decide to use a current website's project as the baseplate for a new client's site (many times they like what was done on another site so we just use that project and rename things as needed and restyle etc., basically a template).

The issue of course is that lots of things may be hidden on the page(s) that I will forget about, and later when I'm thinking I'm almost done or getting there and decide to do a code validation check ... I get a ton of hidden things found in some of the pages and no way in the app to really find them easily. I basically have to open each of the pages source code to find them all.

So, hopefully that's enough of a need to give us some way to see what is hidden in our Overview pane. We don't need a ton of settings for it, just whenever something is toggled to hidden, maybe add a little blue dot to the right or left of the element to alert us. (I say blue only because it would coincide with the color used on the toggle button backgrounds lol, any color would do as long as it's easy to see, not gray or white please).

Right now I have been trying to add a "Hidden" tag to the Label, but that can get "hidden" in a sense if the label is of any great length where it will go off the edge of the panel's width. It helps, but would be more helpful if it were automatically shown and removed with the toggle itself.

Thanks for any consideration you could give to this, I've been meaning to post this idea for a while too, just finally getting time to catch up with things lol.

Maybe they could add an opacity on the overview panel where the ones that are hidden are like 0.7 opacity value.

That would be entirely acceptable as well, thanks for that suggestion too. :)