Visual Studio support

Am I able to use Bootstrap Studio to edit my .cshtml (razor pages) files? I am wanting to style a Web app built using Asp.Net Core 2.

In fact, I don't even mind copying the html code onto my cshtml files then adding all the razor functionalities on top, the only problem is that if I do that, will all the html still work once I move all the files to where my visual studio solution can use them

Visual studio is not supported by this app I’m afraid.

Any html you import into app will be converted to a custom code Block and you won’t be able to edit using drag and drop

Once I finish my styling and export, everything will be all in one place. What I was asking is that if I move the files to where I want them to be, for example, I have a local web app Git repository and I want to move the images to a specific file location where I store all my images for my Visual Studio project, I want to copy the HTML and paste it into a .CSHTML file so I can add razor functionalities, will the styling remain the same or will it all fall apart since I've divvied everything up and kinda put them in all sorts of locations.

I'm using Bootstrap studio to style things, but the final output is an HTML file. Since my project doesn't use HTML files but CSHTML files instead, I want to just copy the existing HTML into the CSHTML and add razor functionalities on top, will it all fall apart since I've pasted the HTML code into a new file type?

What is the recommended way of taking the final HTML code and using them and integrating them into my projects? Can I just do what I was planning to which was: place all the css and js and stuff into my styles folder and paste the html code into my cshtml file. Again, at this point I do not want to go back to bootstrap studio since I've finalized my website design.

Since you're moving the exported files from different directory paths than what the exported HTML knows about, you will need to edit the exported HTML to update the code for the different directory paths you will now have.

Your exported HTML will look something like this for an image <img src="../assets/img/interesting_photo.jpg" />

If you moved that image to a different directory then you need to update the code to point to that different directory. <img src="/different/directory/path/interesting_photo.jpg" />

You will need to do that with all images/CSS/JS/etc.. resources that you've moved. You can use Text editors like NoteTab or Notepad ++ which makes it easy to do with a search/replace type of function. I actually use both for different reasons.

Copy/pasting isn't really necessary, you can just open up the file in one of those 2 editors make your edits and then Save As the type of file you need.


I'm in the same boat that I need a Visual designer for my ASP.Net Core views to design each page. I really like BS but we need it to be used inside Visual Studio 2017 to merge with VS styles and CSS.

It's a huge market for BS to go after.


Hello, I need a sort of cshtml support too. I’m trying to design Blazor and Razor cshtml pages and I need a designer tool like Bootstrap Studio to edit this sort of files visually. Note that Blazor uses Bootstrap as HTML5/CSS framework. Best of all will be if Bootstrap Studio let me to insert C# code in HTML. Testing C# code is not important at first step but I need a designer that ignores the C# stuff and let me set default values when bind variables are used. Then if I edit the cshtml file with Bootstrap Studio the C# code must be let unchanged.

Regards, Filippo.

I've been playing as I would like this functionality. You will have to build the app in BS, export it as HTML and then cut and paste the code in VS. I'm using Umbraco and have the same issues