VSCode or Visual Studio Support

I liked what I saw on the website, but it did not warn me all my project files would be stuck in a single file. I was planning to use VSCode for TypeScript to generate a backend, only to disover the only supported way is to link to the external files over a URL. That does NOT help me at all, since now I need to run two servers, one as the webite server, and a second when previewing in BSS. I hope a better solution is planned. Why can't you link to the external files on the DRIVE itself, and auto-import if changed when previewing the project? Or better yet, why not allow me to set a "Preview Folder" so you can push the files there and launch? It's really not that hard. Most projects have a "public" or "www" folder as a sub-folder of the project. You could essentially just use THAT as the folder to serve files from for the preview server.

It pays to read the text accompanying menu selections. Note what section you're in "Help and How To" -- for which the text says "Wonder how to do something in Bootstrap Studio"

Bootstrap Studio is a "builder" type program for front end development only. Almost all the editing / website programs for front end development make use of their own proprietary one-file-for-everything "master" file.

Your post should therefore be in the Ideas sub-folder, but this is one idea that's not that likely to be followed up by the devs of this program. It's just not a goal intended for.

Yes, while I gave some ideas, I'm wondering how to best integrate the app within my work pipeline, which I imagine is somewhat the point of the app - to allow front-end design, but ALSO allow some sort of separate development for the backend. I was expecting something similar to Microsoft Blend for XAML, but for Bootstrap development. It's not such a hard thing to allow the program to be used to build the front end, while also allowing developers to work on the backend separately. I posted here in case someone has done so, and has a work-around, other than only external linking to remote files. Also, since importing JS and linking to them is supported, and even has an editor for them IN the app, it's no longer ONLY a front-end tool (which I think would be greatly short-sighted, since the app looks like it could save developers a lot of time in their workflow process).

There are rare few front-end "builders" that also accommodate back-end development. Pinegrow might be more applicable to your workflow, as it can produce Wordpress websites, or perhaps Wappler. I don't use/have never used, Wappler, but it was supposed to be the program that did everything Pinegrow did not. I haven't kept up with the development of it, but I know it got off to a rather buggy start. That was a couple of years ago. Presumably it's improved since then. Warning: it's not cheap https://wappler.io/

I own Pinegrow, but since I don't do back end development, BSS serves 95% of my website building needs.

Thanks! I'll look into wappler.io, looks great! I did look at Pinegrow, but I thought it was a WordPress focused theme editor. I checked again and can see it does a lot more, but I think wappler.io is more what I could get into for front and back end rapid development. :)