Vueify: A basic HTML to Vue SFA export script

Hi everyone,

Just joined to share this tool I've built, it's a pretty simple tool that takes in the export directory and recursively goes through each .html file and converts it into a .vue file (single file application) format.

Find it here:

Note: You will need to compile it using Nuitka, I haven't had time to provide precompiled binaries.

Happy hacking!

EDIT: If given enough interest, I might extend it to be more encompassing, e.g. get all the custom styles and apply them to the <style scoped></style> section of the Vue SFA. Let me know what would be wanted most. If you have a feature, feel free to create a PR.

Update: Vueify now supports .css files.

To make this work, you will need to name the .css file the same as the .html file. This will then allow Vueify to match the files together and generate the .vue file with the <style scoped=""></style> section filled.

Also note: You can modify the <script></script> section of the generated .vue file and it will not be overwritten, only the <template></template> and <style scoped=""></style> sections will be overwritten.

Happy hacking!

Impressive work! This will be helpful to a lot of people looking to integrate Vue with their Bootstrap Studio designs.

On Linux and macOS compiling the python script won't be needed (just chmod +x), but for it to work on Windows it will need to be turned into an executable. Somebody in the forum suggested to use py2exe for this, but Nuitka looks like a promising alternative.