Watching content further down the page in Bootstrap Studio

Hello there,

I purchased BS yesterday and have been playing around with it ever since. I have found and issue that is frustrating me alot. I am currently working on a one-page website where each section of the site is filling the enitre browser window.

When ever I create the next (further Down the page) container, I am not able to see it in BS. When I go to Preview it is all there, but I can't really see what I am doing in the Studio.

What the heck am I doing wrong. When I Watch the tutorial it doesnt seem like an issue at all for the developer?

If you have a container that has some child element(s) that are absolutely positioned or elements that are tabs/collapse etc.., that could cause your issue. If you set that container to a specific height or min-height that would help.

Another thing that I tell people to do is to just give the body a (min-)height:100em, that usually helps. Without being able to see your code it's too hard to tell what is causing it for you.